LULAC Raises 'Hate Speech' to New Levels

By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.
January 17, 2006

Typically, the Hispanic and Latino rhetoric, propaganda and mantras you so often hear will be deliberately obfuscating, duplicitous, hypocritical and dishonest!  These groups wage blatant 'in your face' campaigns of disinformation by calling themselves 'immigrant advocacy groups' or 'immigrant-rights groups,' or 'human-rights advocates,' etc.  They routinely call legislation that eliminates 'public benefits' for illegal aliens, as "anti-immigrant."  You will notice, they NEVER say anti-illegal immigrant.  The word 'illegal' is NOT part of their vocabulary!  Without fail, they deliberately obfuscate by using the unspecified term of 'immigrants' when we all know that the real issue is ILLEGAL immigrants.

Preserve Our Sovereignty Sign

In a new website sponsored by the racist organization called LULAC (League of United Latin America Citizens) a Mexican-American group, called turns out to be aptly named because LULAC, and many other national Hispanic organizations are racists to the core!  Ironically, the joke's on them!  In their hypocritical racist zeal to attack America's Patriotic Minutemen, they have named a website in complete concordance with their organization's repeatedly announced racist agenda.  It is a name that clearly defines exactly who and what they are -- RACISTS!

Outrageously, on their home page they defined the Minutemen as:  "*MIN.UTE.MEN n. def:  racists, cowards, un-Americans (sic), vigilantes, domestic terrorists."(1)  For the record:  That's classic 'hate speech!'

With absolutely no proof whatsoever -- on a webpage of photographic 'mug shots' of Minutemen anti-illegal alien protestors, several with cameras covering their faces, explained that the "photos were taken of the Minute Men (sic); an anti-[illegal] immigrant group often affiliated with [but never substantiated or proven] white supremacy groups, during the grand opening of the Herndon, Virginia Day Laborer Center.  Racism has always existed among us [and LULAC is living proof of that!], but in different forms depending on the time in history."(1)

Notice that their rhetoric paints the picture with a 'broad brush' and offers no proof of complicity or association with 'White supremacy groups,' by the Minutemen -- so what you have just read is simply more hate speech from a pro-illegal alien group with a racist Hispanic agenda.  Conversely there are many blatant and outrageous examples of Hispanic racist, anti-American, anti-White, and Aztlan reconquista 'hate speech' everywhere and everyplace.

Here's PROOF of Racist Hate Speech by the Pro-Illegal Alien Crowd:

White Racists Signs Protestors With Mexica Flag Burning Our Flag

Other Racist Hispanic Groups and their Enablers Here in America:

The National Council of La Raza (The Race), LULAC, MALDEF, MEChA, and the pro-illegal alien supporter, the ACLU (See Note 3 below) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), all loudly advocate for open borders, protesting and demanding that illegal aliens receive driver's licenses, in-state tuition, the right to vote, citizenship and the end to Prop. 200 like laws!  These groups have been absolutely rabid in their attempts to keep our sovereign borders wide open so that people of their so-called race, can enter America with impunity!  (See Note 3, below.)  They demand that those 20 - 23 million illegal aliens, nearly 90% of whom are Hispanic and Latino, remain here unmolested and protected by 'sanctuary policies,' which they have promoted and received, as they continue to rail against any attempt to stop the massive amounts of taxpayer financed 'public benefits' those illegal aliens receive.(2-9)

How the Racist Pro-illegal Alien 'Advocacy [Hate] Groups' Operate:

First and foremost you should know that NOT ONE major Hispanic or Latino group here in the United States is anti-ILLEGAL alien.  Not LULAC, The National Council of La Raza (The Race), MALDEF, MEChA, etc., . . . NOT ONE!!!

In Victorville, CA, Save Our State (SOS) was picketing a Home Depot because of their corporate hiring policy with the National Council of La Raza (i.e., The Race, which is NOT a race) and for providing illegal alien 'day labor' facilities on their property.

While waving their Mexican flags:  "Members of the National Council of La Raza (The Race), the International Socialist Organization, the Southern California Human Rights Coalition and the San Gabriel Valley Neighbors for Peace and Justice say that "there should be no borders and therefore no illegal immigrants!"(10)(11)

The news paper reporter said of the event:  "It could have been beautiful if you didn't see the offensive signage [hate speech] or hear the chants of "Go home Nazis" and "Go home racists" that accompanied the demonstration."(11)

Guess which side of the two opposing groups had the 'offensive signage and chants?'  A clue . . . they were not carrying American flags!

Home Depot Protest

"A fellow protester from the La Raza group, Freddy Villa, [said] . . . "I think what's wrong [with the anti-illegal alien protestors] is that they're complaining about illegal immigrants [because] What is wrong are the borders, they need to be taken down, everywhere.  It should be a world without borders . . . "  Who says all of the 'globalists' are elites?

LULAC's Racist Hispanic Agenda Revealed:

If 90% of the 20-23 million illegal aliens who have already invaded America came from China, Zimbabwe, or Bangladesh where their color, religions and language are vastly different from the Hispanics, do you believe that they would support them the same way they do the Catholic, Spanish-speaking Hispanic hordes who are invading our country?  Methinks, NOT!  What is their rationale then?  Their reason is clearly R-A-C-I-S-M.

Then, 'compounding the felony' the Hispanics erroneously try to 'tie their wagon' to our historical past by chanting the mantra:  "After all we are a nation of immigrants, aren't we?"  The answer to that question . . . is a loud and incontrovertible, NO!  Most Americans today are native-born, not to be confused with American Indians, and therefore not immigrants!  What is left unsaid in that mantra is the significant fact that our American ancestors founded this country of and for legal immigrants, which is the antithesis of the current invasion of illegal immigrants, supported by the primarily Hispanic open borders, pro-illegal alien crowd!

What is truly sad and pathetic is that many 'clueless' Americans, legislators and media people are so gullible that they parrot those same words.  The mantra 'we are a nation of immigrants' is a wholly inaccurate 'branding' of our current American culture and society, and has been essentially so for the past 200 years.  It is an incantation that contains substantial disinformation, some subtle, some blatant, all of which are discussed at length by this author in Are We a 'Nation of Immigrants' as Claimed by the Pro-Illegal Alien Crowd?(12)

LULAC no longer deems U.S. citizenship to be of any importance; no longer are citizenship and legal residence prerequisites for LULAC elected or appointed positions.(13)

You will notice that the Hispanics, their supporters and their enablers, NEVER say anti-illegal immigrant.  The word "illegal" is NOT part of their vocabulary!  Without fail, they deliberately obfuscate by using the undefined or undesignated term of "immigrants" when we all know that the real issue is ILLEGAL aliens who ILLEGALLY enter our country.  Immigrants to our country come here legally and are called 'immigrants' by our immigration laws.

LULAC Opposes Making English America's 'Official Language':  In their response to the 1996 US House of Representatives English Language Empowerment Act, passed to mandate the use of the English language as the unifying, singular language of America, LULAC said:  "English-only is incredibly divisive [not unifying?] because it sends the message that the culture of language minorities is inferior and illegal [for illegals].  With a dramatic increase in hate crimes and right wing terrorist attacks in the United States, the last thing we need is a frivolous bill to fuel the fires of racism."(13)

Why would any sane, rational, thinking person believe that having two competing languages was better for America than a single unifying language?  Could it be that Hispanics want their Spanish language to supplant the English language?  Talk about 'fueling the fires of racism' . . . their opposition to our many centuries-long single unifying English language is pure racism.  Don't you wonder if Spanish was the national language, that for one tiny minute Hispanics would consider allowing English to corrupt that unity?

So according to LULAC it's racist to have a single unifying language, our own native English language, as the 'official language.'  It seems that everything that our legislature tries to do is 'racist,' when it doesn't coincide with their pro-illegal alien, pro-open border Hispanic, Spanish speaking, agenda.

Conversely, we Americans must allow them to insist that Spanish be spoken by the police, school teachers, educational administrative staff, hospitals, courts systems, while they insist that our institutions cater to them by providing Spanish language voting ballots, federal, state and local governmental forms, driver's license tests, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

Hispanic demands for bi-lingualism is rampant everywhere -- while at the same time they cocoon themselves in balkanized communities where they NEVER hear, read or speak any English.  How is that not FAR MORE divisive and racist?  Won't LULAC's 'version' of America create two cultures, two societies and two dueling languages?  Isn't what they advocate both divisive AND racist?  If you think not, then ask Canada what friction and divisiveness they have suffered because of their French speaking Quebec Province.

LULAC thinks it's 'racist' to want to have a single unifying language, our own native English language, as the 'official language.'  Think about it . . . here in America, the Hispanics are telling us we should not have such a law, that it is 'frivolous.'  How outrageous can you get?  Americans are not entitled to mandate our national language as 'official' but they are free to shove their Spanish language down our throats, everywhere and everyplace?  Aren't they trying to make our own English language 'inferior' and 'illegal' to us!  Remember, 'press one for English!'

Why do we need to have such a bill in the first place?  Wake up America!  Everything our legislature tries to do to keep America from turning into another 'third world' Spanish speaking Hispanic dominated country . . . is racist.  LULAC's efforts to quash such legislation is part of their Hispanic agenda to push aside and replace our English language with theirs.  Get the picture?

LULAC Opposes REAL ID Act which was created to exclude illegal aliens from getting a driver's license.  LULAC's official response was that they "oppose these efforts to marginalize Latino communities and continue to work toward a meaningful comprehensive immigration reforms that truly fix our broken immigration system . . . rather than allow negative, anti-immigrant legislation to set the tone of this debate, and embolden those whose proposals are divisive and harmful [to illegal aliens]." " . . . the proponents of this bill are misleading the American public as to what will advance our security interest.  We believe this to be a costly, harmful mistake."(14)

Don't you sometimes wonder if Hispanics read the news, or remember the history lesson of 9/11?  Have they forgotten about the fact that the Islamic terrorists used their ability to move around our country, while preparing and plotting their infamous deed, primarily because of their driver's licenses?

LULAC Opposes the Completion of the San Diego, CA Border Fence:  "This proposal is inhumane, inefficient, and will result in increased suffering [for illegal aliens and less for Americans] violence, and death along the border [for some American citizens]."(14)

Inhumane for whom?  Mexicans who break our laws to enter America.  Doesn't the fence humanely protect American citizens from the drugs, diseases, taxpayer supported poverty and the lawlessness those Mexicans and other Hispanics are bringing into America by the millions?

LULAC Opposes a 'Higher Standard for Proof of Persecution' for Refugees:  "These provisions do nothing to make us safer, and do great damage to our nation's proud heritage as a place of refuge for those fleeing persecution [from Mexico?]."(14)

Everyone knows that the bloated asylum and refugee industry, has become an immigration lawyer's paradise, and the Catholic Church and Charities 'Welcome the Stranger' dream come true.  It has become a living functioning joke!  One example was the Chinese man who gained asylum because his wife, who didn't come with him because they are separated, was facing a government mandated abortion because she already had one child.  How goofy it that?

Hector Flores, National President of LULAC has said:  "Undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] that are making a valuable contribution to our economy and our country, and should have their status legalized."(15)

The propaganda claim that illegal aliens make a 'valuable contribution' has been widely disproven.  While spouting such rhetoric, Hector Flores seems to have slip-slided over the fact that 'undocumented immigrants' have broken our laws to enter our country, broken our laws to reside in our country, broken our laws to work in our country and probably broken our laws to drive in our country.  That makes them illegal, illegal, illegal and probably illegal criminal aliens!

The following photos were taken at a LULAC rally held at the Mexican Border in San Ysidro, CA in July 29, 2000.(16)

LULAC Rally In San Ysidro, CA LULAC Rally In San Ysidro, CA LULAC Rally In San Ysidro, CA

To Recap -- LULAC is a Mexican-American organization that lobbies:

  1. For Racial preferences for Hispanics.
  2. For The legalization of all 20 million or more illegal Hispanic immigrants.
  3. Against the military on the border to stop the massive Hispanic invasion.
  4. Against the unifying English as the 'Official Language' for America because they want YOU to speak Spanish.
Who Funds LULAC?  They received $1 MILLION from the Ford Motor Company in 2004 when William Clay Ford wrote:  "As the largest and oldest Hispanic organization in the United States, LULAC continues to provide its more than 115,000 members with the necessary tools to be leaders in their communities.  Great people making a difference in the community help all of us learn, appreciate and respect the contribution of everyone in our diverse citizenry . . .  Ford has been a member of the LULAC Corporate Alliance for over a decade, and we are proud to support its many programs and initiatives."(17)  You can find who else supports the racist LULAC here: (18)

Don't you wonder if the funding of LULAC is Ford Motor Company's way of keeping the cheap labor available to run their assembly lines?  Or, more darkly, is it retribution for those workers who revolted over the inhumanly sped-up original Ford assembly line?  These are just a couple of questions one might ask in order to understand why the Ford Motor Company would continue to fund an organization that is so blatantly anti-American in EVERY agenda they pursue.  Is there any other explanation for such promotion, continuous support and funding by the Ford Motor Company?  It seems that profit is the only motivation that 'fits.'

LULAC's Chapter President, Paul Martinez, La Cruces, New Mexico, denounced the Minutemen patrols by saying:  "They are hiding under the American flag claiming to be good patriots, but they are actually promoting racial hatred."(19)

More propaganda, lies and hate speech directed at the Minutemen, those true American Patriots, guarding our borders and 'doing the job our government 'wimps' won't do. 'His comment that the Minutemen are "promoting racial hatred" is tantamount to accusing them of being racists, without a 'shred' of evidence to back up his statement.  What does Martinez mean when he says they are 'hiding under the American flag?'  Does he mean that they are forthrightly supporting our flag, our Constitution, and our country.  Is that a negative?

And, if the Minutemen do drape themselves in the American flag, isn't that something to be proud of?  Then again, be sure and take notice whenever the Minutemen are challenged by Hispanic, mostly Mexican protesters, you'll notice that they wrap themselves -- in the Mexican flag.  Which 'flag wrapping' act should be considered racist and treasonous?

Day Laborers Banner

How does the pro-illegal alien crowd generate such large crowds when they protest against the Minutemen?  Did you ever wonder why so many of them show up?  Where do they all come from if there are only 11 million illegals here, as the government wants you to believe.  One reason is that there are really 20-23 million illegals here, and perhaps even more, who knows?  Secondly, they are mostly Mexicans who have come here because of family connections.  A recent Pew Hispanic Center research revealed that 95% of them left jobs in Mexico to illegally enter America.  Their families swell their ranks because they have a vested interest in keeping them here.  They also have millions upon millions of dollars from corporations fueling those long-established Hispanic organizations like LULAC.

Then there is that very large coterie of American citizens of Hispanic descent, who have insinuated themselves into our police departments, mayoralties, schools, jails, hospitals, courts, churches, local townships, legislatures, media, task forces and advisory boards, etc., who join in on the side of the open borders crowd.

Many are American Hispanics that have been awarded political positions by cowardly legislatures, police departments, governors and mayors, many of whom have appointed, by fiat, Hispanics who populate and run those task forces and advisory boards . . . all across the country.  These appointments have provided the pro-illegal alien lobby with subversive entree to lawmakers and the politically powerful.  Shamefully, they receive such entrée and clout in total disregard of the fact that their Hispanic constituency is artificially inflated by millions upon millions of illegal aliens.  How fair it that to honest, law-abiding Americans?  Do YOU have that same accessibility?

Lastly, what do you think they'll do as their numbers continue to increase through this unchecked illegal alien invasion?  Don't stand around and wait to find out . . . you won't like the answer!  In the meantime, reflect on the following quote by Dante Alighieri:  "The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."  In other words . . . get off you duff and fight back!

Educate yourself, join a group and picket and protest the illegal alien invasion.  Go to the border and participate in a Minutemen border watch.  Write, fax and phone your local, state and national congresspeople.  Support an anti-illegal alien group with your time, talents or money.  Lobby your legislators.  Get in their face!  Tell them you will withhold your vote and purse strings if they don't vote to put the military on the border and enforce our immigration laws.  Stand up for America and our Republic and make your demands known.  Wake-up your neighbors and invite them join in!

Across the country the SCAMs are working 'hand in glove' with the racist Hispanic organizations:  SCAMs are Socialists, Communists, Anarchists and Marxists.  They hate America and all she stands for.  They propagandize the same failed doctrinaire they have spouted for more than half-a-century.  They seize any and all opportunities to promote their 'propaganda' every place they can.  They don't care who they align themselves with, as long as they can get their dogmatic message out.

They despise our capitalistic system and revile our Constitutional Republic.  They are well-practiced and provide trained puppets who espouse their anarchist agenda.  SCAMs are well financed and usually babble their indoctrinated 'mantras' while having 'no clue' how to intelligently debate someone who knows America's history and laws.

Some Examples of SCAMs Working as Pro-Illegal Alien Enablers:  The SCAMs revealed their 'full-blown' support for the illegal alien invasion when the "Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party" (PLP) tried to silence members of the United Patriots of America (UPA) at their Bridgewater, NJ recruitment rally, as well as several other planned UPA events and venues.

Progressive Labor Party Logo(20)

You will have to read over their perversion of the United Patriots of America Bridgewater event several times in order to figure out just what they are talking about in their version of the story.  It will take you awhile unless you are familiar with their SCAM anti-American anarchist agenda for our country.(20)

Keep studying their report -- eventually you will figure out that they got busted on several counts of physically and aggressively trying to deny the United Patriots of America (UPA) membership their civil rights to speak and peaceably assemble.  Their aggressive acts and resisting orders to vacate the building and property got them arrested.  Their arrest got 'plea bargained' down to literally nothing, as is typical of our current permissive court system!  For the true story of the event, go here and read 4 arrested in Bridgewater protest.(21)

Here's Another SCAM pro-illegal alien protest against the Minutemen in Campo, CA . . . notice the similarity of the 'fist' in the sign with the 'fist' in the PLP (Progressive Labor Party) logo.  Notice too, that the color of the 'fist' is 'symbolically' red!  Also notice the printed on the sign held by Armando Navarro.  Do you still think the SCAM's involvement is just a coincidence, considering that the two events took place in states on opposite coasts?

Preserve Our Sovereignty Sign Preserve Our Sovereignty Sign

More Proof of the Communist - Socialist Connection to Hispanics:  The following photograph of protesters shows the MEChA organization, an anti-American, anti-White, racist Hispanic group who joins with the SCAMs because they all have the same goals, the anarchy and the destruction of America.  You will frequently find a coterie of communists, socialists and anarchists participating along with a variety of Hispanic protesters, railing against any and all attempt to secure the borders to end the Hispanic invasion or deny 'public benefits' to illegal aliens.(22)

MEChA Sponsored Protest

The SCAMs Were Also at Baldwin Park:  The Communist-socialist/Hispanic coalition gathered together at the Baldwin Park, CA, in a counter-demonstration against the California Save Our State Patriots, who were protesting the seditious Baldwin Park monument.  You can see the Hispanics working collaboratively together with the Scams as they proudly display their anti-American literature, seen in this video from the Charles Kirkby TV Show:  (23)

Complicity by the Media:  Do you EVER see these kinds of photos on the TV or in the print media?  Please do note that the racist Hispanic protesters never object to their presence, and complicitous media never demurs or bothers to report their presence, or their hate speech.

But if a 'White Supremacist' or 'White Power' group were to show up in support of a protest against the illegal alien invasion of our country, or to demand our immigration laws be enforced, you can bet money THAT would make the news!  It would also invoke a frenzy of Hispanic demands for lawsuits against the protesters or Minutemen calling them a 'hate group!'  Their hypocritical racist 'hue and cry' would then be followed by a supporting outrage by the media, and other defenders of the massive Hispanic invasion and reconquista by the colonization of America!

All Europeans Are Illegal Sign Why We Are Here Protesting Sign

Paul Martinez of LULAC, has said that LULAC . . . "vehemently oppose the minuteman project."(24)  Well, of course they do . . . they oppose any and all efforts to stop the illegal entry of aliens that are Hispanic.  They applaud the lawlessness and anarchy.  It is part of LULAC's agenda to encourage the massive illegal alien invasion by Hispanic people in order to increase their numbers and gain political power and eventual societal domination.

Why do we Americans put up with being called 'racist' and 'anti-immigrant' by the truly racist pro-illegal alien Hispanic and Latino organizations, when we demand our immigration laws be enforced against illegal immigrants?  Why do we let them get away with such hypocritical accusations of racism?  Their blatant, extreme and fanatical racism has been well documented and can be found here in a three part series titled:  Blatant Racism by the Pro-Illegal Alien Crowd.(25)(26)(27)

You won't find the above kind of racist photos or 'hate speech' in the main stream media, that's why the hypocritical Hispanic organizations constantly get away with calling "We the People" racist when we call for the military on the border and the enforcement of our immigration laws.  Wake up America!  Fight back!

Debunking the 'WeAreRacists' Website Propaganda by LULAC:

Propaganda is defined as:  The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.(28)

On their home page LULAC goes on to say:  "Historically, people have made borders and strong defenses to keep strangers [illegal aliens] out, resulting in people [legislators] developing unrealistic [anti-illegal alien] solutions [to stop illegal alien invasion and ending their free public benefits] that only serve to exacerbate anti-[illegal] immigrant sentiments, legislation that prevents assimilation [what then are all those balkanized enclaves the Hispanics have carved out for themselves within which they refuse to assimilate with us and learn our English language?] and the quality of life for people [illegal aliens] living [illegally] within the United States.(1)

The interjected version of their propaganda above, allows you to see how insidiously they twist and pervert the truth along with your sympathies and thought processes.  That's their goal.  It is an art-form of lying though seductively manipulating you with a perversion of truth by weaving it into believable lies or 'soundbites' so that you will blindly follow their agenda.  Propaganda is 'food' for brain-dead or gullible people, who have become stupefyingly inured to their rant and who have been 'seduced' into 'buying' their racist lies, no matter how silly and ridiculous they are on their face!

LULAC goes on to say:  "Those who oppose [illegal] immigrants' rights often blame immigration and immigrants for an array of social problems, from unemployment to the poor quality of public schools to urban sprawl and congestion.  While such problems are all too real, blaming [illegal] immigrants for causing them is a scapegoat that is ultimately rooted in racism as it serves to divide people who might otherwise make common cause."(1)

Viva Mexico Sign

Of course you must realize that they mean making 'common cause' with other racist Hispanic 'people' and NOT with America's blended society of English speaking people from ALL ethnic backgrounds and languages.  The 'people' they speak of are those who are part of the overwhelming illegal alien invasion that has defied our laws and sovereignty.  Hispanics who not only disparage our unique American heritage by balkanizing our cities and towns, they arrogantly insist upon corrupting our unifying national language of English and they actively disrespect our culture and society!  This is a human tsunami of some 20-23 millions illegal aliens, 90% of whom are Hispanic.

Hispanic Illegal aliens have overrun America, diminished our quality-of-life, overloaded our hospitals, schools and jails and are bankrupting our taxpayer treasury, because we stupidly provide them with free 'benefits' that many Americans do not receive, such as FREE:  Emergency medical care, immunizations, school lunches, pre-natal care, Medicaid, and instant American citizenship for an illegal alien baby they come here to have on our dime!

The LULAC website wants you to pursue those 'racist' Patriotic Minutemen and ask you:  "If you know anyone pictured on this website, please be advised that they are participating in the anti-[illegal] immigrant movement."  So you can pick-up on their lies . . . their above propaganda has been 'clarified!'(1)

By calling them 'immigrants,' they deviously weave their Hispanic criminal lawbreaking illegal aliens into the fabric of our nation's greatest strength of LEGAL immigrants and Native Americans, who are not to be confused with American Indians.

Americans are a blended 'melting pot' society created through assimilation and acculturation to become the essence of our national motto, E Pluribus Unum, "Out of Many . . . ONE!"  Their purpose is to trick those 'clueless, couch-potato' Americans into thinking that illegal aliens and legal immigrants, including our forefathers, are one-and-the-same!

More Pro-Illegal Alien Racist 'Hate Speech' Proof from Austin, Texas:

Minutemen On Patrol

A Unanimously Passed Anti-Minuteman Resolution!  "The resolution cites concern over untrained civilians taking immigration law into their own hands, activities which MAY encourage discrimination and racial profiling [more code words]."(29)  They, of course, use the word MAY, since there are no examples or proof of that ever happening.  It's just their way of creating a 'boogeyman' to cover-up their hate for anyone who is working to stop the overwhelming illegal alien invasion.

They appear not to know that many of Minutemen are former police and military.  The have also mischaracterized the Minutemen, who do not enforce any laws, but only observe and report to authorities all those illegal alien lawbreakers, as they pour over the borders, the total antithesis of their accusations!  The only 'profiling' occurring is identifying who moves from the Mexican side to the American side of the border.  How is that considered 'profiling' except that nearly all of them will turn out to be Hispanics, most of which are Mexicans.

"The resolution directs the City Manager to report any vigilante [another 'code word'] activities to the City Council."(29)  What are they going to 'report' . . . people exercising their constitutionally guaranteed civil rights?  What sinister motives do they have behind requiring the City Manager to 'report' on decent, law-abiding citizens . . . or is the resolution simply a form of intimidation?

What Laws Can You Break Sign

In case you are wondering:  "The resolution was an initiative of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and the Coalition for Justice and Dignity in Austin [more code words], a diverse coalition of immigrant and advocacy organizations [still more code words].  Fifty-eight allied civic, faith and labor organizations [in favor of lawlessness and anarchy] were signatories to this effort."(29)  Did you notice the 'raft' of 'code words' . . . all in one sentence, too!

Sadly, the 'Quakers' (AFSC) have gone amuck, ever since the 1960s, and are no longer 'Friends' of "We the People."  They are anti-American, pro-socialist, pro-Communists, who have diligently supported the Vietnamese Communists, Pol Pot, and Fidel Castro, while working assiduously to get America to unilaterally disarm.(30)(31)(32)

Yvonne Montejano of the AFSC said:  "We are pleased that Council recognized the dangers of vigilante groups posturing as nothing more than neighborhood watch groups, and took proactive action to diffuse any potentially violent situation."

What an outrageous, unwarranted, vicious attack on the Minutemen.  Especially since ALL the violence has been launched against the Minutemen by those who object to them doing the job our own government won't do.  By example, many times over, the Minutemen have refuted all the lies and slander made against them!

Minutemen Are The Illegals Sign Yvonne goes on to say:  "The Minuteman Project [MMP] and other vigilante groups say they are protecting this country's borders.  Human rights organizations [more code words] point out that vigilante groups [still more code words] frequently use fear, intimidation and violent tactics in their efforts to "secure" borders."(29)

You did notice that they used another devious pro-illegal alien tactic by ascribing some amorphous connection that doesn't exist by using the term 'groups frequently use' in order to slander the MMP while spewing their 'hate speech.'  They have to do that because they have NOTHING else to smear them with, other than there own lies and innuendos!  Those tactics show them in full, operational 'battle mode' . . . which means they will say and do anything to deny the 'civil rights' of others.  That's their standard operating procedure!

In the end, the Austin city council has proven themselves to be nothing but 'pawns' in the hands of the Communist infiltrated pro-illegal alien lobby.  They 'defame' themselves.  They have joined hands with those who have only their hate for America and its sovereignty to propel them to such depths of moral depravity.  Wake up Austinians and take back your city!

ACLU Tried in Vain to Stop the Minuteman Project in Arizona:  If you want to see how the ACLU tried to stop the Arizona Minuteman project back in April of 2005, read a letter they sent to Sheriff Dever of Cochise Country attempting to shut down the Minutemen by arresting them, in order to deny them their civil rights.  Be sure to note the members of the "Racial Justice [for them but not for you!] Informal Advisory Board" on the left side of the letter.  Very interesting indeed!(33)

Did you know that the ACLU is headed by an Hispanic who first worked for, and was groomed by, both the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations?

Here's more proof:  As they call our American Patriots, racists and Nazis. . . hate drips from their faces!

Faces of Hate

Baldwin Park Hate

Hispanic Shills and America's 'Fifth Column' Pimp for Mexico :

Like LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens which is a Mexican-American Organization), Chapter President, Paul Martinez, La Cruces, New Mexico, funded by the corporate dollars of the Ford foundation, who denounce the Minutemen patrols by saying:  "They are hiding under the American flag claiming to be good patriots, but they are actually promoting racial hatred."(35)

Then there was . . . Adrian Garcia, a former Houston police officer, who said:  "HPD would monitor the Minutemen 'as they would the KKK, as they would the Black Panthers.'"(36)

Are you outraged yet?  Imagine . . . American patriots that want our country's immigration laws enforced, are branded by well funded Latino and Hispanic groups and Hispanic ex-police officers, as promoting 'racial hatred!'  What a disgusting outrage!

American Politicians Go to MEXICO to Declare Minutemen Guilty of Hate Crimes:

In August, 2005, "[a]t the offices of the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (Department of State of the Republic of Mexico), four USA elected officials [paid with American taxpayer dollars and supposedly representing the interests of American citizens] said that they will be asking the Bush Administration to declare "border vigilantism" against Mexicans and other immigrants along the US/Mexico border prosecutable and punishable under the federal hate crime laws.  The officials said that the violent activities by groups like the Minutemen vigilantes [a bald-faced lie, with no proof], the KKK, white supremacy militias and other similar groups are totally unacceptable."(37)

Did you notice how they lumped all the groups together in one sentence so that one would have to 'parse' their attack to separate one group from the other, in order to challenge them to substantiate the charges?  It was a sneak assassination of America's Patriotic Minutemen through implication by association to other UNCONNECTED groups.  Pay attention to their tactics!  They use them all the time.

Just Who Were Those Racist, Hispanic, Mexican Shills?

"Josie Gonzales, the Mayor of Lynwood, California, Ramon Rodriguez, [born in the town of Valparaiso, Zacatecas, Mexico] Borough President of The Bronx, Adolfo Carrion, [Puerto Rican] and Delaware State Representative Joseph E. Miro, [Born in Cuba] held the press conference at the offices of the SRE in Mexico City and directed most of their statements at President George W. Bush . . . [and said] "Bush should openly declare that he is against the Minuteman Project, and more aggressively criminalize their activities, which are motivated by anti-immigrant [anti-illegal-immigrant] sentiments that are racist and paranoiac."(37)

See how deceptively they can manipulate you and the press by leaving out the word ILLEGAL between anti and immigrant?  A common tactic employed by ALL the pro-illegal alien racists.

Another Racist Hispanic Group Called MEChA, whose motto is:  "For the race everything. For those outside the Race, nothing!"  And . . . of course the 'race' they speak of is the Hispanic Raza (Race).(38).

Why do we Americans put up with being called 'racist' and 'anti-immigrant' by the truly racist pro-illegal alien Hispanic and Latino organizations, when we demand our immigration laws be enforced against illegal immigrants?  Why do we let them get away with such hypocritical accusations?  Read more about their blatant racism here:  (25)(26)(27)

Gonzales and Bush

And where is US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales when you need him to prosecute LULAC and others for their unproven, unsubstantiated blatant 'hate speech?'  Oh, that's right Gonzales is an Hispanic who is a card carrying member of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), a group that calls themselves "La Raza" which translates to "The Race" even though they are NOT a race.  He has also never answered the question as to whether or not he holds dual citizenship which Mexican laws permits and the United States does not!  By the way, shouldn't an organization with the name of 'La Raza' be considered racism personified since 'the race' they speak of is only Hispanics which is why they use the Spanish word for race.

'Showing his 'true colors' Alberto Gonzales was blasted by Lou Dobbs on his 1/12/06 CNN broadcast by saying:  "[M]any American citizens are outraged about the rising population of illegal aliens in their communities and this country, the attorney general instead focuses on immigrants, including illegal aliens, and the lack of respect with which they are being treated.  That's right, our nation's top law enforcement official, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who refuses to enforce immigration law, has written a memo blasting immigration judges for being too tough on illegal aliens."(39)

That's a complete reversal of his comments of March 1, 2005, when Gonzales, the newly appointed US Attorney General, urged the speed-up of deportations.  While giving a speech at the Hoover Institution, a research center for public policy he stated that:  "High on his agenda is the swift processing of aliens awaiting deportation.  Illegal immigrants who broke the law are 'receiving too many chances to appeal their fates.'  He appealed to the Congress to support any measures that would expedite this process."(40)

Gonzales went on the say that he "believes the immigration system needs repair, namely the Board of Immigration Appeals, where rejected applicants can contest the government's decision through the fair appeals process, which has been restructured and diminished under former Attorney General John Ahscroft."(40)

Don't you wonder why and how, within nine months, Gonzales has done an 'about face?'  Who's pulling the stings?  Could it be his boss?

Ugly Anti-American Pro-Illegal Alien Protest:  Below is a photo taken at a 1994 rally against the proposed California Prop. 187, similar to the recently passed Arizona Prop. 200 that sought to end the 'public benefits' given to illegal aliens.  The voters passed Prop. 187 in California and it was then challenged by the ACLU, MALDEF and LULAC.  You always know that you are on the 'right track' in dealing with illegal immigration when the 'heavy guns' for the pro-illegal alien, open borders crowd, file a lawsuit against your legislation.

Where are the American Flags?

Prop. 187 Protest

Then you have the courts 'help' them out, especially one like the most 'overturned court in the land' . . . the 9th District Federal Court on the west coast.  The California State Attorney General Dan Lungren ruled that Prop. 187 did NOT conflict with federal law.  "Judge Mariana Pfaelzer rejected California's attempt to regulate immigration, which she said is the federal government's responsibility [sound familiar?]." . . .  "But California Gov. Pete Wilson, who supports Proposition 187, vowed to appeal, 'so that the will of the people can be upheld.'"(41)  Then, while Prop. 187 was on appeal, the 9th District Court dragged its feet long enough for Governor Gray Davis to get into office, who then refused to continue the appeal process.(42)

Oh my, didn't the California governance 'shoot themselves in the foot' when they could have ended the illegal alien drain on their taxpayer 'public benefits?'  One visible result has been that, in the last five years, 84 California hospitals and trauma centers have been forced to close.(43)

Perhaps their schools, hospitals and jails wouldn't be in the financial trouble that they are today if the 'will of the people' hadn't been thwarted!'  There is some hope that there are enough sane California voters left that will vote for a similar proposition for which a petition is currently being circulated to get it on the ballot.  Or . . . is it too late for Californians to save themselves?

By the way, did you see any American flags there?  And they call US racist!  What hypocrites!

Anti-Illegal Alien Protestors Signs:

Baldwin Park Monument:  "Sedition:"  Conduct or language inciting rebellion.

Stop Illegal Alien Invasion Banner

Costa Mesa: Mayor Mansoor plans to use local police to enforce immigration laws

Anti-Illegal Alien Protestors in Costa Mesa

Unknown Protest: One message is clear, the other is "One Nation, One Language"

Mexico Out of USA Sign

They say:  A 'picture is worth a thousand words' . . . who are the true racists . . . you decide!

Flag Bar

PS:  Wonderful News . . . is DOA!  The first exposure of the website appeared in a news article headlined Website Labels Illegal Immigration Opponents 'Racists' by Jeff Johnson of cnsnews.  The author stated that:  "The website's original domain name, using a singular reference, was  It was registered on Dec. 13, 2005.  The plural version -- -- was registered the next day.  The website accuses the Minutemen of being 'an anti-immigrant group' and claims that its members are 'often affiliated with white supremacy groups.'"(44)

What happened next?  On 1/13/06 there was a racist Aztlan reconquista rally held in San Bernardino, CA where the Communist/Socialist Armando Navarro raved on in Spanish then switched to English, once he realized there were 20 American Patriots in the audience.  During that same rally, Elvira Martinez a LULAC representative, talked about the website which was wildly cheered-on by Navarro, as seen on a CNN video.  It seems that shortly after their racist website received CNN's national television exposure they decided to fold.  It is a very good guess that is was most likely due to some very heavy flack from many quarters, hopefully including some Hispanics.  To make a long story short, LULAC is now on the defense.(45)

In their shame they took down their racist website . . . chalk up a win for the Minutemen!

The original homepage is gone.  A 'cached' copy of the original webpage can be found here:

There is now a 'revised' website homepage (note that 'racist' is now singular, not plural) which has the same graphics header as the original plural version.  To cover up their having to fold their hate filled website faux pas, they made the following claim on the new site:  "Due to the threats of violence we have received from the anti-immigrant [illegal alien] movement who refuse to reveal their identity, we are disabling this site!"

Oh so interestingly, something was missing from the new 'home page' which was this:  "Site sponsored by the League of United Latin American Citizens, (LULAC)."  However, much like their first hate-filled website, they speak of 'threats' that are unsubstantiated!  They don't reveal whether they were made to the LULAC organization, or to some member of LULAC, or to the website, or to those promoting the website like the racist, reconquista, Aztlan 'dreamer' Communist/Socialist Armando Navarro, etc., etc., etc.

To hide their shame they have deviously laid the blame for ending their racist website on 'those who refuse to reveal their identity.'  They claim that the 'threats' came from the 'anti-immigrant movement' which is just another attempt to smear all those American Patriots, who are anti-illegal alien activists and Minutemen, standing against their hate-filled racists activities.  Such clumsy machinations are the typical modus operondi of the pro-illegal alien racist organizations, like LULAC.


As for this author, the 'Illegal Alien Critic' . . .

Harry Truman said it best: "I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell."
Note 1:  All bracketed [ ] notations within the quotes, are added for clarification.
Note 2:  All underlining and italics, within the quotes and elsewhere, are done for emphasis.
Note 3:  For an excellent source on The National Council of La Raza (The Race), LULAC, MALDEF, MEChA, and the ACLU, et al go to:

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