Misc. Madness: Gov't 'Aids and Abets' Illegal Aliens (Part 2)

By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.
December 28, 2005

After reading Insanity Reigns . . .(Part 1 - Overview), it should be patently clear why our borders have been left wide-open!(1)  "We the People" have already been sold down the river.  Everyone is aware that NAFTA + CAFTA = SHAFTA for the American worker.  The miscellaneous governmental insanities, found in this research paper, will provide additional proof about how the Council on Foreign Relation's (CFR's) global elites are working overtime to erase our borders and dismantle our sovereignty.  We MUST stop the insanity by voting out of office those who facilitate the CFR's plans before our constitution ends up in the dustbin of history!  During the 2006 election cycle American citizens must DEMAND that the Military be placed on our borders and that our immigration laws be enforced!

Mexico is busy waging a one-sided war against America by sending a migrant army of some 20 million of its poorest citizens to colonize and reconquista America.  It is a de facto war that has been carefully planned, arrogantly conducted and blatantly executed without a single change or deviation from the original 1982 'Mexican Manifesto.'  Along with those illegal aliens, are many of Hispanic heritage and other 'enablers' who are functioning as the proverbial 'fifth column,' in this country.  Where a 'fifth column' is defined as "a group of people who act traitorously and subversively, out of a secret [or not so secret] sympathy, for the enemy of their country in our country."  The Mexican illegal alien invasion is an act of war that has reduced our country to nothing but a lawless territory, with little or no sovereignty left!(1)

At the same time Mexico wages its de facto war, their Hispanic shills are working overtime to stop all those who would stand against them.  They work in concert with a fifth column of Hispanic compatriots, enablers like the Catholic church, etc., facilitated by the media, politicians, and many clueless Americans.(1)

Our sovereign nation is facing an overwhelming illegal alien invasion by an Hispanic migrant army that has defied our laws, balkanized our cities and towns, and disrespects our culture and society.  They are arrogantly corrupting our unifying national language and disparage our unique American heritage!  This is being accomplished while our complicit government has shamelessly stood by, blatantly ignoring the mobocracy by allowing Mexico's human tsunami to overrun America, diminish our quality-of-life, overload our hospitals, schools and jails, and bankrupt our treasury.(1)

America is engulfed in a de facto war being waged by Mexico! (1)

Vicente Fox Shaking His Fist

Considering that one of the first rules of warfare, is 'to know thine enemy' this series of ten 'aid and abet' articles will reveal to all . . . who stands against "We the People" and our American sovereignty.

It will clearly reveal who is 'aiding and abetting' this massive illegal alien invasion.  This series will expose those racist Hispanics and their coterie who have insinuated themselves into our police departments, mayoralties, schools, jails, hospitals, courts, churches, local townships, legislatures, media, task forces and advisory boards, etc.

It will also expose the pandering and cowardly legislatures, police departments, governors and mayors, many of whom have appointed by fiat, mostly Hispanics and Latinos, to populate and run those task forces and advisory boards . . . all across the country.  These appointments have provided the pro-illegal alien lobby with subversive entree to lawmakers and the politically powerful.(2)

Shamefully, Hispanics and Latinos receive such entrée and clout in total disregard of the fact that their Hispanic constituency is artificially inflated by millions upon millions of illegal aliens.  How fair it that to honest, law-abiding Americans.  Do YOU have that same accessibility?  Probably not!

Lastly, what do you think they'll do as their numbers continue to increase through this unchecked illegal alien invasion?  Don't stand around and wait to find out . . . you won't like the answer!  In the meantime, reflect on the following quote by Dante Alighieri:  "The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."  In other words . . . get off your duff and fight back!

In Case You Think They are Coming Just to Feed and House their Family, etc., Think Again

Illegals Climbing Border Wall
The mantra of the illegal alien supporters and open-borders crowd, including the Catholic Church, has been:  These are just 'poor pitiful migrants' who come here to work so they can provide for their starving families.  They have no homes, or live in deplorable conditions with no jobs to support themselves with, etc., etc., etc., '. . .  Not so, according to the Pew Hispanic Research.(28)  Here are some of the headlines reporting on that momentous myth and propaganda buster research, reported by the Pew Hispanic Center:

1.  Most Mexican Immigrants [Illegal Aliens] in New Study [95%] Gave Up Jobs to Take Their Chances in U.S. (4)
2.  Report disputes belief about jobless migrants [illegal aliens] (5)
3.  FAMILY, better jobs pull Mexicans [illegal aliens] to USA (6)
4.  Study:  Illegal Immigrants Not Drawn by Jobs (7)
5.  U.S. jobs come easy to Mexican migrants [illegal aliens, who are willing to work for 'slave wages'] (8)

The first thing you notice about the headlines is that ONLY ONE newspaper had the 'guts' to print the FACT that they were discussing illegal aliens.  Unfortunately, that's all part of the subtle propaganda machine employed by the establishment press, that includes lying by omission (i.e., leaving out key important descriptive words like 'illegal').  It is a technique that is often applied lavishly and shamelessly by the Catholic Church and others in order to confound the average unsuspecting or clueless American!

Secondly, didn't you always wonder how so many of those 'poor migrants' were able to afford the services of the coyotes (i.e., Mexican human smugglers and traffickers)?  Many aliens pay thousands of dollars to coyotes to illegally ferry them into the United States.  So, now you know.  They had jobs!  They had family already here to borrow from.  They had places to stay and jobs arranged before they even arrived.  In the future the more 'family' that comes here, the more 'family' will come here, so that the migrant army of colonization will increase exponentially!

Doesn't that make your blood boil, after all the propaganda that the Catholic Church and others have been spewing forth for decades about 'Justice for Immigrants?'  Those poor pitiful 'migrants' (illegal aliens) who come here to take advantage our schools, health and welfare systems.  They overload our schools and hospitals, fill our jails, commit crimes, kill people in many ways including drunk driving, and YET we are to 'welcome them' according to the religious communities.(9)(10)

This is what the trail from Mexico to the United States looks like:

Illegals' Trash Path Adding insult to injury, many ranchers, American Indian reservations, National Parks, Military bases, cities and towns on the border, are left to deal with the trashing of America . . . day in and day out, year in and year out.  Who do you sue for the environmental damage seen here?  Who pays or works to clean it up?  And . . . where are those conservation groups when you need them?  Why aren't they loudly protesting the health threat and environmental harm being done by the illegal alien invasion arriving at a rate of 10,000 EVERY DAY!  In particular, where's the Sierra Club who fought the US government 'tooth and nail' to stop the completion of barrier fence over 'Smuggler's Gulch' on the Mexican-American border in southern California.  What hypocrites!

What's really going on?  The answer is:  Without firing a shot -- Mexico intends to win their 'de facto' war by leveraging those 'migrant' masses to gain enough political power to shove their balkanizing, racist Hispanic agenda down the throats of America!(1)(11)(12)

What You Will Learn From This Series:

You will learn:  Who is traitorously 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens.  What brazen things are being done to 'aid and abet' illegal aliens.  Where the treachery of 'aiding and abetting' takes place.  When and how those pro-illegal alien enablers are arrogantly 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens.  What is to be done?  According to Thomas Jefferson:  "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

Be prepared to find that much of the Hispanic and Latino rhetoric and propaganda discussed here will be deliberately obfuscating, duplicitous, hypocritical and dishonest!  These groups wage blatant 'in your face' campaigns of disinformation by calling themselves 'immigrant advocacy groups' or 'immigrant-rights groups,' or 'human-rights advocates,' etc.  They routinely call legislation that eliminates 'public benefits' for illegal aliens, as "anti-immigrant."  You will notice, they NEVER say anti-illegal immigrant.  The word "illegal" is NOT part of their vocabulary!  Without fail, they deliberately obfuscate by using the unspecified term "immigrants" when we all know that the real issue is ILLEGAL immigrants.

Hold on to your socks . . . you will be amazed at the brazen audacity of the illegals themselves.  You will be repulsed by the political and illegal arrogance of many, the outrageous stupidity of the clueless, the offensive avarice and audacious power mongering of our 'leaders.'  This is an exposé, revealing what those traitorous 'aiding and abetting' facilitators and enablers are actually saying and doing.

What IS the Law Dealing with 'Aiding and Abetting?'

Girl With Flag What IS 'Aiding or Abetting?  To 'Aid or Abet' is to actively, knowingly, or intentionally assist another person in the commission or attempted commission of a crime, such as illegally entering our country without our permission or knowledge, housing them, transporting them, or employing them.(13)

The Law:  1.  It is 'aiding or abetting' to "encourage or induce an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law."  8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv).(14)

2. It is 'aiding or abetting' to "conceal or attempt to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, illegal aliens, including any building or any means of transportation."  8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii).(14)

3. It is also 'aiding or abetting' to "engage in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts."  8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(v)(I).(14)

4. It is a felony to 'aid or abet' in the commission of the above acts.  8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(v)(II).(14)

Note:  A Felony Occurs when the specified crime carries a penalty of more than one year in prison.(15)

Note:  For ALL the crimes listed above the maximum penalties range from five to twenty years for EACH VIOLATION, where sentences of more than five years indicate additional aggravating circumstances.

Note:  To hire a just one illegal alien involves a penalty of up to six months in jail, and a fine, which is a civil offense.
Enemy Number One -- Teachers Like These:

1.  Marietta Vigil Gonzales, an ESL Teacher Defines Integration vs. Assimilation:  "Integration means I will participate fully in American culture," said Marietta Vigil Gonzales, who teaches English as a second language [ESL] and volunteers among Longmont's [Colorado] Latino residents.  Ms. Gonzales, whose ancestors first came to the American Southwest from Spain in the late 1500's, said she was proud that after so many generations she still spoke Spanish.  "Assimilation means that I will have become like the stereotypical American, with no culture, no ethnic background and no roots," she said.(16)

How lame-brained and insulting can you get?  This woman is teaching your children?  Should someone who has that kind of moronic, idiotic, racist attitude be teaching anyone's children?  People of Longmont, Colorado . . . wake up!  Do something to stop the insanity of having someone like that teaching your child!  Remember:  "A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."  -- Unknown --

2.  'Professor' David Spener of Trinity University in San Antonio:  "People need to remember that 99 percent or higher of the people crossing the border into the United States without proper documents [illegal aliens violating our immigration laws and sovereignty] are Latin American labor migrants ... not potential Muslim terrorists," said Prof. David Spener, a sociology professor at Trinity University in San Antonio.  '"A lot of people who have had anti-immigrant sentiments all along are now trying to use concerns about national security to advance an anti-immigrant agenda," he said.(17)

Is that so?  It seems that Mr. Spener, a sociology professor no less, has no clue that those 'Latin American labor migrants' (i.e., illegal aliens), also bring with them previously eradicated diseases, criminals who will commit heinous crimes such as murder, rape, and pedophilia, they bring in drugs, accompanied by drug traffickers and human smugglers, among other things.  They are a massive tidal wave of humanity that has already arrived and managed to suck our schools, jails, health, and welfare systems dry!(18)(1)

'Professor' Spener doesn't seem to have any concept about the damage and societal impact incurred by such an enormous invasion effecting nearly everyone in America.  Nor does he seem to understand that such an impact has absolutely nothing to do with terrorists!

He seems oblivious to the fact that our sovereign nation is facing an overwhelming invasion of some 20-23 million illegal aliens, 90% of whom are Hispanic "Latin American labor migrants," and mostly Mexicans, who have defied our laws and sovereignty, balkanized our cities and towns, and corrupted and degraded our society, heritage, culture and national language.  Nor does he 'get it' that they collectively represent a spiraling dissolution of our uniquely blended American culture, into a uni-culturalist Hispanic one.(19)(20)(21)(22)(23)

Doesn't 'professor' Spener understand how those 'Latin American labor migrants,' arriving at a rate of 10,000 a day, or four million a year, represent a 'human tsunami' of illegal aliens who are diminishing our American way of life?  Even more importantly . . . they are fostering a culture of flaunting and defying our laws, in a nation that used to be proud to be called 'a nation of laws?'  Doesn't he know how they are impacting our hospitals, our schools and our jails, bankrupting our cities, towns, and states, not to mention, taking jobs away from our neediest citizens by accepting 'slave wages?'  Doesn't the sociology 'professor' know about what is happening all across our nation as a result of his unconscionably defended 'Latin American labor migrants?'(24)(17)(25)(26)

Since sociology is defined in Webster's as:  "The science of human society and of social relations, and . . . the study of the beliefs, values, etc., of societal groups and of the processes governing social phenomena."  Doesn't that leave one asking whether the 'professor' knows his subject matter?  If not that, then perhaps he is simply playing the 'anti-immigrant' card.  By doing so, he has revealed HIS racist, pro-illegal alien attitude to all.  Don't you wonder WHAT he teaches our children at Trinity University?  Maybe you should find out!

Brazen, Outrageous, Offensive, and Audacious Illegal Alien Tales:

Most true pro-illegal alien racists reveal themselves by using the term or code word 'anti-immigrant' when they are really talking about the anti-ILLEGAL-immigrant crowd.  Or, more properly, they should have said anti-illegal alien, which would be more accurate since an 'immigrant' to the United States comes here legally, whereas illegal aliens do not.  As you well know the pro-illegal alien enablers, are averse to the word 'illegal' and refuse to use the proper adjoining noun of 'alien' which has been part of our immigration law for 230 years.

Pro-illegal alien supporters have gone so far as to ban the word 'illegals' from their Chicano (i.e., a citizen or person living in the U.S. who is a Mexican, or of Mexican descent) blogger site.  The warning:  Use Of The Word "Illegals" when referring to migrants or migrant workers [illegal aliens], regardless of race or nationality, is no longer acceptable in our forums . . . it is, however, highly offensive [to be identified as exactly who they are!] . . . members are highly encourage[d] to refrain from such demeaning terminology.  PROSE AND POETRY, AND LITTERATURE [sic] FORUMS ARE EXEMPT.  the word "illegals" can be used, for example, when describing the way the anti-migrationists [he is referring to those who are anti-ILLEGAL alien activists] refer to our Raza [he's referring to Hispanics, who are NOT a Raza (i.e., race)]. short of that, it [had] better be good or risk having your post deleted.(27)

1.  The Latino Community Wants to Stop New ICE Office:  "The Latino community made its request clear to the Greeley City [CO] Council on Tuesday night:  reject and discard the proposed resolution to bring an Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] office to Greeley. . . [the] Latinos Unidos [this is America - use English!] or United Latinos -- detailed their opposition during a public input session [while outrageously and blatantly proclaiming ¡Viva Mexico!].  The council didn't have the item on its agenda but made time for the group."(28)

Viva Mexico Sign (29)

Would you get that same 'respect' if 600 of your friends and neighbors barged into a town meeting which did not have that item on the agenda, and you hadn't gotten permission ahead of time for such a large crowd to appear?  But, as usual the council wobbled under the protestors demands to stop the ICE office and asked the Greeley Human Relations Commission to study the issue (would that include illegal aliens?) and report back in a month.

Sylvia Martinez, praised the council "for rejecting the original proposal passed by the Weld County commissioners and cautioned the council [threatened?] not to make decisions without adequate statistics.  She said [threatened?] the group would be back when council considers the resolution."(28)

Remember that the discussion is about the proposed ICE office in Greeley.  Don't you wonder why they would object to law enforcement?  Do they have something to hide?  Is the town full of illegals?  People who are here legally have nothing to hide or fear.

Alonzo Barrón, a University of Northern Colorado student, told the council he represented Latino UNC students who are fed up with the way they've been treated.  He said they will no longer allow their community to become scapegoats for the community's problems. . .  "We are standing up tonight, and we will remain standing until justice is served," Barrón said.(28)

What's this 'their community' and 'the community' are they separate or one-in-the-same?  If they are one-in-the-same then how is 'their community' not 'the community!'  A conundrum, isn't it?  Aren't 'they' the community, therefore part and parcel of 'the community's problems'?  Just what is Barron 'standing up' for?  Isn't he standing up AGAINST the official presence of and ICE office.  What does that have to do with how "they've been treated?"  Does he mean that ICE is doing their job to capture, detain and deport those lawbreaking illegal aliens?  Isn't that a good thing for America?

"Priscilla Falcon, director of the César Chávez Cultural Center at UNC, told the council it must ask itself if an ICE office would divide or separate the community."  Which community 'their community' or 'the community?'  And just how would that work?  Would enforcement of our immigration laws separate the illegal aliens from those who are here legally in their community?'  The question is . . . would deporting illegal aliens separate 'their community' from 'the community?'  Which is it?  Or, is it both?

Afterwards . . . "[a]s she stood outside in the cold night, Falcon admired the demonstration.  She said she hasn't seen anything like it since the 1960s Chicano movement.  "I think the Mexican community [of mostly illegal aliens] in Weld County has come together to defend the immigrant [illegal alien] population, and I think that's great . . . "(28)  Attention, Priscilla!  'Aiding a abetting' illegal aliens is NOT something to be proud of!

Poor César Chávez, admired by many Americans who helped him win better treatment and wages for farm laborers by participating in the 'grapes' boycott.  He must be 'spinning in his grave' to find Hispanics and Latinos fighting so hard to import and protect illegal aliens.  Especially since Chávez and his union members physically fought with illegal aliens to stop them from coming across the border.  A fact that Hispanics usually leave out of their 'history books' and recollections.

"Roberto Córdova, a former UNC professor, said an ICE office would unfairly target only half of a two-sided issue that includes illegal immigrants and the employers that hire them."(28)  Absolutely true!  Right on, Roberto!

It is common knowledge that ICE goes after illegal aliens only after they commit ANOTHER crime.  But he is right in saying that they do not target employers.  Another disgraceful 'dirty little secret' of non-enforcement by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who made only three, count 'em three, 'worksite enforcement efforts' against employers of illegals in 2004.(30)

"Virginia Guzman, principal at Billie Martinez Elementary School in Greeley, said she's appalled at how the Latino community has been characterized and urged [the] council to reject the proposal."(28)

How have they been 'characterized?'  Could it be that they are 'characterized' as mostly Hispanics and/or Mexican illegal alien invaders who are lawbreakers, many times over, and therefore despised and disrespected, as they disrespect America and her laws?  Ergo . . . as in Biblical terms . . . 'as you sow, so shall you reap!'

Below is an example of 'hate speech' by the pro-illegal alien crowd.  Another protest, another time, another place but we Americans get the message from the Hispanics, especially the Mexicans who plan to colonize and reconquista America.  The Minutemen you know about.  The SOS referred to here are the Save Our State organization in California who are defending America from seditious statements Hispanics have arrogantly chiseled into a monument in Baldwin Park, California.

Why We Are Here Protesting Sign

Lastly, the comment by Ron Vaughan of Greeley who said . . . "an ICE office wouldn't harm hardworking immigrants.  'This proposal doesn't focus on anyone who comes here to work or to go to school,' Vaughan said.  It focuses only on people who come here to break the law."(28)

Such a statement is insulting to any thinking American because it makes mockery of the real problem, which is that ANY illegal alien who is here, whether to work or not, has already committed SEVERAL crimes and should be deported or go to jail.  Mr. Vaughan, is just another example of a 'clueless' American citizen who is 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens by making such an unfortunate comment.  What part of ILLEGAL don't the folks in Greeley get?  They are illegal alien criminals along with their employers who criminally 'aid and abet' them.  Insanity reigns!

Watch out Greeley, CO . . . it is clear that the mostly illegal alien Mexican community and their supporters are working hard to turn Greeley into another Hispanic city and they want your town council to help them achieve that goal.  Their ultimate ambition is to support Mexico in its de facto war to reconquista America by colonization.  Don't let them succeed.  Fight back!

2.  Rather Than Enter the 'Lions Den' A Greeley ICE Office May Be Moot because "it's unlikely Greeley will see an ICE office anytime soon, if ever.  Colorado Springs is the next place in Colorado slated to get an ICE office because of its size and proximity to Interstate 25 . . . [because] ICE is struggling with funding problems and a hiring freeze that is blunting much expansion."(31)  Why is that?  How can that be, when illegal immigration is overwhelming our country, and the need is so great?

As for how and why funding is low and there is a hiring freeze.  Sadly, the U.S. Congress legislates for such ICE offices, and includes their funding provisions, but then the president puts out a budget that kills the funding.  A well known case of how the process works is that the legislature provided for 2000 new Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents for EACH of five successive years starting in 2005, but the president's budget unilaterally perverted and quashed that legislation by budgeting only enough funding for a measly 210 new agents.  Sneaky and clever, wasn't it?  But that's what's necessary to keep that One World Order on track to eliminate our sovereign borders by 2010, as projected by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).(!)

What does short-changing the funding for the Border Patrol agents accomplish?  It results in 'aiding and abetting' by our own Border Patrol agents.  T.J. Bonner, San Diego Border Patrol and head of the 6,500 member Border Patrol Union, who testified before a congressional hearing "didn't try to mask his frustration at the news video that showed fellow agents in Texas dropping off illegal immigrants [Other Than Mexicans (OTMs)] at a bus station and sending them on their way into America."(32)

The above twisted and perverse actions by our Border Patrol occurred when legislative funding provisions were eliminated by presidential budgetary constraints, essentially killing the necessary funding for the detention beds needed to hold the OTMs till deportation.  These presidential budgetary restrictions have forced border agents to 'aid and abet' the very illegal aliens they are sworn to keep out of America.  The "result is [the] demoralization of Border Patrol agents . . .  He [Bonner] said agents are 'desperate for help' that would enable them to protect the border . . .  We are being forced to carry out policies that are not in the interest of our country."(32)  Insanity reigns!!!

3.  Watsonville City (CA) Council 'Rolls Over' for Illegal Aliens:  "Tuesday’s 5-2 council vote is part of a renewed statewide effort to create a law many Latino advocates say is only fair:  Allow the undocumented to drive since they’re already working in the state and need to travel to and from work.  The city vote carries no legislative weight but is symbolic support for Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, who introduced the undocumented license legislation last month . . . Cedillo has asked city councils and county governments across California to make their opinions heard in the form of resolutions . . .  Enter Watsonville, where 70 percent of the population is Latino; countywide, there are an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 undocumented workers [illegal aliens], according to the Santa Cruz Immigration Project."(33)

It apparently doesn't matter to the Watsonville City Council that giving driver's licenses to people who are here illegally, who are criminals that should be jailed or deported because they are in violation of our immigration laws.  They don't seem to understand that illegal alien lawbreakers should not rewarded with driver's licenses and supported by the apparently 'brain washed' Mayor and members of Watsonville's City Council!  Shame . . . shame on you Watsonville's City Council!!

4.  "No License? No Insurance? ¡No Problemo!"  They call Gilbert Cedilla (D-Los Angeles) . . .  'One Bill Gil' because of Hispanic agenda, he has no shame in year after year introducing a bill in the state senate to allow illegal aliens to receive driver's licenses in the state of California.  In another audacious move, Cedillo has "proposed legislation [that] would exempt illegal immigrants, and only illegal immigrants, from having their cars impounded, and would lower the fines levied against them for failing to purchase car insurance."(34)

Apparently Cedillo's rationale for sponsoring such a bill is that since illegal aliens cannot get a driver's license they can't get insurance, so it is not fair to punish them the same as legal drivers who did not have any insurance for one reason or another.  Therefore, according to Cedillo "an American citizen found driving without a license and insurance gets his ticket and loses his car for a month, then gets fined $100-$200 for having no insurance.  But the illegal immigrant stopped for the exact same offenses gets a ticket, but drives off with a friendly Buenos dias, amigo from Officer Dunphy, followed by a slap on the wrist from the judge in traffic court."(34)  Sickening isn't it?

There is a better idea . . . give them all a 'special license' to drive, reward them for their illegal behavior, wait a year and the round them all up and deport them.  By then we should know who they are and where they live.

Here are some pro-illegal alien protestors.  Look closely and see the pseudo Mexican flag that is covering an American flag!  It's a graphic version of Mexico taking over America.  It's meant to represent Mexico's 1982 publicly announced de facto war plan of reconquista by colonization.  A war which is being facilitated by Hispanic-American 'fifth column' politicians, like Gil Cedillo, who "aid and abet' Mexico with legislation to give driver's licenses and other special privileges to illegal alien criminals.

Mexican Flag Atop USA Flag

5.  Illegals Want Lexington, Kentucky ID:  "Leaders of the Lexington Hispanic Association yesterday called on the city to issue identification cards to Latinos, regardless of their immigration status.  At a meeting of the Mayor's Hispanic Workforce Development Task Force [Don't you wonder if there is a non-Hispanic Workforce Development Task Force?], several speakers said the cards are needed.  No one spoke out against the IDs . . . [saying] they will make a recommendation when they meet with Mayor Teresa Isaac on Dec. 14 [2005].(35)

Why did no one 'speak out' against the IDs?  Is the citizenry of Lexington, KY asleep?  Are they not paying attention?  Don't they care about facilitating criminals in their midst?  Or was it a 'stealth' meeting of Hispanics and their enablers?

Josh Santana, an attorney and president of the Lexington Hispanic Association, said the proposal may meet resistance.  "Some of the opposition is rooted in bigotry.  Some of the opposition is rooted in fear.  Some of the opposition is rooted in the concept that we're rewarding folks for having done something wrong," he said.v But issuing the cards is "the just and right thing to do . . .  We as a society have a moral obligation to do what we can to protect those God has placed in our midst, Santana said."(35)

Imagine that . . . a lawyer, an 'officer of the court' of law, encouraging the city of Lexington, KY to break the law and to 'aid and abet' illegal aliens.  For shame, for shame!  By his statement, it is clear he has 'bought in' to the 'moral obligation' propaganda espoused by the Catholic Church, to defy our immigration laws and 'aid and abet' illegal aliens.  Frightening!

"Task force member Sandra Noble Canon says the identification cards are 'absolutely essential for Lexington' because they will benefit an 'integral' part of the community [she means illegal aliens].  Without Hispanic workers, 'We wouldn't have people to care for us.  We wouldn't have people to feed us.  We wouldn't have people to clean our houses, mow our lawns,' she said.  'It's all about economic well-being'."(35)

Oh, give me a break!  Ms. Cannon's comment about jobs that would be left undone if it weren't for illegal aliens . . . who does she think did all those jobs before the 'human tsunami' of 20-23 million illegal aliens invaded America and took those jobs away from low income Americans by working for 'slave' wages?  Such arrogant statements reveal that she is a racist in its purest form because, most folks are aware that 90% of all the illegal aliens are Hispanic AND illegal alien lawbreakers!

Just how many lawns, cooks and caretakers does Ms. Cannon think are needed here, considering that John McCain, and Time Magazine, both claim that illegal aliens have been, and are continuing to arrive here, at a rate of 10,000 a DAY!(23)(24)

6.  Virginia State Police 'Turn Tail' and Run From Immigration Enforcement:  "The state police chief, Col. Steve Flaherty, said last week that his department has decided against proceeding with an agreement with federal authorities that would have made Virginia the third state [after Alabama and Florida] in the nation to adopt such a practice."(36)

"Immigrant [illegal alien] advocacy groups in Virginia expressed alarm about the potential for misuse of the new law and pressed state police not to seek further immigration authority.  'A number of the police we met with realized if they want immigrants to report crimes and be witnesses, they can't be in fear of being arrested,' said Deborah Sanders, executive director of the Capital Area Immigrants' [illegal aliens] Rights Coalition."(36)

Again we find that 'immigrant advocacy groups' and 'immigrants' rights coalitions' have more say about law enforcement involving ILLEGAL immigrants than the legal citizens of America.  See what control and entrée they have to governance and police departments.  Aren't you 'sick and tired' of the 'aiders and abettors' of illegal aliens having such sway over decisions made that effect your security and any attempts by you to stop the illegal alien invasion in this country?  Get yourselves organized into 'Citizens Coalitions' in your town, county and state, and speak out and fight back!  Take back your rights to have our laws enforced and for others to obey the laws of America.

7.  Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Takes American's Ranch for Illegal Aliens:

Burning Our Flag In a highly publicized action, SPLC lawyers for two El Salvador illegal aliens, sued ranch owner Casey Nethercott, the leader of Ranch Rescue, for 'harming' them when they illegally invaded our country and trespassed on a ranch Nethercott was protecting in Hebbronville, Texas.

"The two immigrants [illegal aliens] later accused Mr. Nethercott of threatening them and of hitting Mr. Mancía with a pistol, charges that Mr. Nethercott denied."  Nethercott was never convicted of the 'pistol-whipping' but did receive a five-year jail sentence for gun possession, because of a prior assault conviction in California.  "The immigrants also said the group gave them cookies, water and a blanket and let them go after an hour or so . . .  The immigrants [illegal aliens] said the ordeal, in which they feared that they would be killed by the men they thought were soldiers, had left them with post-traumatic stress."(37)

Good grief . . . just think what Mr. Nethercott was left with!  What must HIS 'post-traumatic stress' be like, to lose one's ranch and livelihood, and freedom while serving his five-year jail sentence?  Outrageously, Nethercott did not have legal representation when the court awarded his land to the illegals.  What a 'piece of cake' win for the SPLC lawyers of the illegal aliens.

It's a good bet that had he been an illegal alien, he would have had a lawyer to represent him.  The court would have made certain of that, count on it!  But, Mr. Nethercott, he's just another 'dumb schmuck' American citizen.  It's okay to leave him undefended while the court takes away his land.

After taking the ranch is was gloatingly announced:  "Certainly it's poetic justice that these undocumented workers [illegal aliens] own this [Mr. Nethercott's] land,' said Morris S. Dees Jr., co-founder and chief trial counsel of the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] in Montgomery, Ala., which represented the immigrants [illegal aliens] in their lawsuit."(37)

After getting the ranch, the illegal aliens, "Edwin Alfredo Mancía Gonzáles and Fátima del Socorro Leiva Medina, . . . [said they] . . . were happy with the outcome."(37)  Oh, you can just bet they were!  They break our laws to enter our country illegally, trespass on private property and are rewarded with a ranch.  It doesn't get much better than that!  Only in America!

To top that off . . .  "Mr. Mancía, who lives in Los Angeles, and Ms. Leiva, who lives in the Dallas area, have applied for visas that are available to immigrants who are the victims of certain crimes and who cooperate with the authorities, [allowing them to stay here legally] . . . "  In addition, while they are waiting for a decision on their applications, they can "stay and work in the United States on a year-to-year basis."(37) Insanity reigns!

8.  The Personification of Word 'Audacity' . . .  In November 2003 the Washington Legal Foundation filed an Amici Curiae (Friend of the Court) brief for a motion to dismiss a complaint made by Plaintiffs who were "relatives of 11 [illegal] aliens who perished in May 2001 in an area within the Arizona desert known as the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge (the "Refuge").  The Refuge (located in southwestern Arizona along the Mexican border) is owned by the United States and is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) . . .  The plaintiffs filed suit against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), [and was] seeking to recover $42,000,000 [yes . . . that's 42 million dollars]."(38)

Their claim . . .  "In early 2001, representatives of Humane Borders, a social welfare organization [actually illegal alien 'aider and abettor' organization], sought (but were denied) permission from FWS [Fish and Wildlife Service] to place water stations in the Refuge.  [The] Plaintiffs allege that one of Humane Borders's [sic] proposed water stations would have been placed 'in the exact area' where their relatives died."(38)

"Plaintiffs allege that the United States was negligent in refusing to permit installation of the water stations, given that FWS employees were well aware that many illegal aliens were dying from lack of water while attempting to cross the Refuge.  Plaintiffs allege that their relatives would not have died had Humane Borders been permitted to install its proposed water stations."(38)

Where do they find these people?  Who contacts them and finances their travel as they gather together?  Who offers to represent them?  Who's behind such an audacious contrivance that none of the families of those died would have entertained on their own?  Where did the idea to band them together in order to execute such an outrageous lawsuit come from?  How were their names and addresses harvested and the locations of death so well pinpointed?  You don't suppose that the Mexican consulate was the promoter, facilitator and the perpetrator of the law suit?  Could that be?  Who else has all that information assiduously gathered and maintained?  Now do you understand how Machiavellian the Mexican government is in executing their de facto war against America?

The fact of the matter is that if Mexico was taking care of its own people they wouldn't have left home in the first place, would they?  You did notice that there is no mention of Mexico's culpability in 'aiding and abetting' tens of millions of their poorest citizens to illegally enter America in violation of our immigration laws.

First Mexico declared their de facto war, then they deliberately promoted and encouraged their migrant army of illegal aliens to reconquista by colonization America's land that they forfeited to us when they lost the Mexican-American War.  Citizens of Mexico that they have deliberately 'aided and abetted' in order to execute their publicly declared 1982 'Mexican Manifesto.'(1)

Lawyers for the Washington Legal Foundation argued that:  "If the plaintiffs were to recover damages in this suit, the federal government would from a practical standpoint be required to install water stations [in other words, they would be required to 'aid and abet' illegal aliens to enter America], . . .  Because the vast desert wilderness is too large to patrol closely, only the harsh desert conditions serve to deter aliens from attempting the trek.  If water stations are added, that deterrent effect will be eliminated, . . . "(39)

Hopefully logic prevailed, because the actual dismissal by the courts was never to be found by this researcher and certainly, had they won, that verdict would have been loudly announced in every major newspaper across America.

9.  No Country Will Take Jamil Zayed, a Palestinian!

Illegals Crossing the Desert Zayed's recent five year sentence was imposed after he "pleaded guilty to rape and having a gun he wasn't supposed to be carrying."  This latest offense occurred after he was released from jail for food stamp fraud, and threatening to kill his wife after she pressed domestic abuse charges against him.  Both were deportable offenses.  "Immigration officials hope they can deport Zayed this time because they have five years to persuade someone to take him.  But, there is no guarantee."(40)

Didn't Mr. Nethercott get caught with a weapon he 'wasn't supposed to be carrying' and got five years in jail, the same as Jamil.  However, Mr. Zayed also raped a woman and yet he only got five years.  Why?  What does that say about how an American citizen is treated compared to an illegal alien?  Why was Jamil's sentence so light, considering his offenses?

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has said:  "We can reach out to countries in that region and see if they'll take him' . . . adding that some countries in the Middle East are willing to cooperate . . . [but] the political makeup of the regions might change in the next few years."(40)

ICE says that Zayed's case is not unique but won't reveal the statistics about "others from Cuba, Vietnam, Laos or other countries the United States cannot deport to . . .  If they cannot find a country to take him, Zayed will be freed again [onto the streets of America] . . .  The Supreme Court has said that the United States can hold people like Zayed in jail for only so long after his sentence expires."(40)

A disgusted "Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Detective Jamie Bonnette, one of the deputies who investigated the rape case, said Zayed has gotten a free pass to keep committing crimes.  'If it were me, I'd put him on a plane and give him a parachute,' . . ."(40)  Great idea, don't you just 'love it?'

Ireland Wants Their Illegal Aliens to Have the McKennedy Amnesty:

So . . . you thought that the Mexican government was the only one busy interfering in our legislative and governmental affairs?  If you did, think again!  Were you aware that 'meddling' by a foreign country in our 'internal affairs' is an illegal act?  It's just another one of our laws that are never enforced, which is why Ireland feels free to engage in similar tactics.  It has been obvious for a long time that Vicente Fox has regularly and rampantly defied such laws and no one in our State Department ever demurs.  As such, it's simply another 'straw on the back' of our impending anarchy.

The most recent meddler is "Ireland's government [who] wants the United States to legalize Irish illegal aliens in the United States, underscoring the intense interest foreign governments are showing in the immigration debate now playing out in Congress."  After a meeting with Sen. Kennedy, the Irish Foreign Minister, Demot Ahern told reporters . . . "the Irish parliament has endorsed Mr. Kennedy's bill to grant illegal aliens now here a multistep path to citizenship."(41)

"Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny is urging Irish politicians [like Ted Kennedy and faux Irish, John Kerry and others] and influential members of the Irish-American community to back proposed new immigration laws in the United States.  The proposed [Guest Worker Amnesty] would regularize [that's a 'code word' for our government's intention to 'give away the store' to foreign governments at the expense of American citizens] the status of the estimated 50,000 illegal Irish immigrants in the United States and offer them the prospect of a green card after six years."(42)

In pursuit of that cause, Dublin sent a 'news flash' to Washington [DC] "to inform them that they [Ireland's government] passed a resolution endorsing a congressional immigration bill sponsored by . . . [McCain and Kennedy].  Irish Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern referred to the illegal aliens as 'undocumented Irish . . . (who) stay below the radar, fearful of detection'."  He went on to say:  "For the undocumented, the stress of separation, the strain and anxiety of living in the shadows [who's he kidding?] . . . remains very traumatic . . . "(43)

Oh, don't you just love to hear those pathetic 'boo-hoo' propaganda stories?  Doesn't it just 'tug at your heartstrings?'  In addition, it appears that the foreign minister was 'smartened-up' with information on how to be 'politically correct' and use 'undocumented' in place of illegal aliens, and to apply the proper 'mantra' for them by saying 'living in the shadows.'

It's all a joke folks . . . we are just the 'pawns' in this massive international propaganda production being acted out on the world stage called . . .  America's illegal immigration 'theatre of the macabre.'

"Ahern went on to explain that the reason the Irish government must get behind American immigration reform is because the lobbyists and the politicians all say without any international pressure, the bills are in danger of not getting passed ["We the People" hope and pray that is so] . . .  Ahern stressed it was important for all Irish people to get behind the bills."(44)

So now it's 'international pressure' that's to move our legislature to enact the laws of our country for the benefit of their illegal alien countrymen.  Have these governments no shame?  How dare they flaunt their demands and consort with Senator Kennedy and others to influence our laws and immigration policies!  How dare they so blatantly espouse help for their citizens who broke our laws to enter our country, broke our laws to remain in our country and broke our laws to work and probably illegally drive in our country!  And a warning for Kennedy . . . he should take heed of Dwight D. Eisenhower's words:  A people who value privileges above its principles soon loose both!

The drive by the governments of foreign nations to peddle their selfish interests here, at the expense of the American people, is so reprehensible as to defy description.  It is unpardonable that there are many in our legislature, particularly those in the Senate, who are influenced by such blatant meddling by foreign powers.  Barbara Jordan 'nailed it' when she said:  "Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence:  Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave."  To that end "We the People" say . . . Amen!

An addendum to the Irish Story:  After demonstrators in Ireland gathered outside of the Dáil to protest against the Government's immigration policy, which they claim is unfair, one of the protesters, Ahmen Yissau stated:  "There is a study that says Ireland needs over the next ten years 50,000 migrants to keep up the pace of the economy."  All that can be said about that bit of news is . . . yoo-hoo, Ireland . . . you can find that exact number here in America, call them home!(45)

How Low Can You Go -- US Citizenship for the Price of a Lottery Ticket:

Green cards, the segue to American citizenship, are up for grabs.  The price is simply filling out an electronic form and putting your name in the computer 'pot' to be selected by random draw!  The program of 15 years is called the 'Diversity Visa Lottery' available "to persons from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States."  The criterion for eligibility is "having a high-school diploma OR equivalent work experience."(46)  Don't you wonder how that 'equivalence' is determined and just who make those decisions?

Excluded are people from "countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the past five years.  These include Mexico, Canada, India, El Salvador, Britain and South Korea."(46)  Don't you wonder if they count all the illegal aliens in those figures?  Like . . . Brazilians, Guatemalans, Chinese, or the Irish!

What's even more disturbing is that "there is no restriction on residents of countries listed on the State Department's list of nations that sponsors terrorism; last year's lottery winners included 805 person from Sudan, 934 from Iran and 47 for Syria. . . . [and according to the State Department] the visa lottery remains an opportunity for criminals and terrorists to infiltrate U.S. borders."(46)

'Made in Mexico' Has the US Border Patrol 'Mad in America' . . .

Flags Divided by Border

Whatever were they thinking, or not, when our government gave the job of making the uniforms for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), to VF Solutions in Nashville, Tennessee, whose contract allowed them to outsource by subcontracting to Mexico, Canada and the Dominican Republic?

"For more than a year, the men and women, responsible for combating illegal immigration have been wearing uniforms manufactured south of the border.  In addition to the symbolism, they say, the outsourcing to Mexico poses national security risks if some of the uniforms fall into the hands of criminals or potential terrorists."(47)

Reaction from T.J. Bonner, the president of Border Patrol's 6,500-member union, the National Border Patrol Council, was:  "It's embarrassing to be protecting the U.S.-Mexico border and be wearing a uniform made in Mexico."(47)

Rep. John Carter of Texas said, "smugglers or Mexican gang members could steal a batch of uniforms and penetrate the already porous . . . border."  Carter believes that "the Mexican-made uniforms constitute not only a security risk but represents another example of work leaving the United States to go to cheaper labor markets elsewhere."(47)  As George Orwell once said:  "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

Moronic Mayors and 'Clueless' City Councils Defame Themselves:

What follows is a compilation of stories that will make you shake your head in disbelief, aggravate you, frustrate you, and anger you.  Hopefully, enough of all those things combined, will enrage you enough to move off that 'couch' and into a mode of 'activism.'  Activism that will find you fighting to take back your country, community, school, church, hospitals, and jails, from the illegal alien invaders and usurpers of our American jobs, culture, language and society!

Mexico Out of USA Sign

1.  Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil about Illegals in Denver.  "Cheered on by [illegal alien day] labor advocates, Councilman Doug Likhart is proposing that wage theft [for less that $500] be made a local crime. . .  If the plan is approved, Denver will become the third U.S. city to create a system that includes law enforcement, government and advocates to protect day laborers rights.  Austin, Texas, was the first in 2002, followed by Kansas City."(48)

Surprise, surprise, unscrupulous employers seeking out illegal alien day laborers willing to work for 'peanuts' instead of the prevailing wage, are also the very kind of dishonest people who will cheat illegal alien workers out of their promised pay.  How many illegal alien day laborers are there in Denver?  "El Centro Humanitario para Los Trabajadores, a nonprofit day labor and immigrant [illegal alien] center in Denver, has been inundated with complaints about wage theft in recent years."(48)

Isn't the use of Spanish instead of English, for the name of a non-profit, 'offensive' to many in our English speaking society?  After all being a non-profit allows them to avoid taxation.  But it seems that being 'politically correct' only works in one direction.  Also, it's a strong possibility that El Centro's 'non-profit' center is funded by your tax dollars.  Check it out!

Since illegal aliens are here in violation of our laws, they should have no 'rights!'  It is particularly offensive to have laws written and enforced for illegal aliens, when their very presence is a violation of our immigration laws.  It is doubly offensive to cater to them when they shouldn't even be here in the first place!  They have committed several crimes in order to enter, reside and work here.  They should be in jail or deported, not 'aided and abetted' by special laws that will only embolden them further.

Sadly, Denver is already a sanctuary city that 'harbors' illegal aliens by ordering its police department to . . . 'don't ask, don't tell,' in violation of federal immigration laws.  If the city council passes the suggested law they will have insanely added to their crimes of 'harboring' illegal aliens.  Their suggested plan will commit another felony by engaging in a conspiracy to 'aid or abet' illegal aliens if they vote to spend taxpayer dollars, provide police enforcement, tie up our courts with law suits, by providing the opportunity for illegal aliens to claim non-payment for work performed when the non-payment amounts are less than $500.  There are already laws on the books for wages over $500, with good reason.  Lowering the dollar figure will theoretically allow massive numbers of people to file claims for as little and one dollar.  Insanity reigns!

The cost to enforce and adjudicate, five-hundred dollar [or less] laws suits, will cost thousands in taxpayers dollars to accomplish.  How moronic when tens of thousands of illegal aliens and their employers, living in sanctuary cities like Denver, thumb their noses at our immigration laws, and are committing violations of the law which are felonies that are not enforced or adjudicated.  How fair, honest and just is that for "We the People"?

It seems that the Denver city council is 'bending over backwards' to 'aid and abet' illegal aliens, instead of spending their time, effort, money, courts and manpower to round them up and deport them.  Then, they should turn around and arrest all those lawbreaking employers of illegal aliens and send them off to jail too.  That's the LAW!

2.  Mayor DeStefano of New Haven, CT, the Personification of a Moronic Mayor!  DeStefano, a second generation American, has said:  "As for deputizing police to act as immigration agents . . . no such request will ever come out of New Haven. . . .  I am all for extending the same benefits and opportunities to these folks [illegal aliens] that were extended to my grandparents . . . [he wants to] offer special driver licenses for the undocumented [illegal aliens] . . .  The problem isn't these people [illegal aliens].  They [illegal aliens] are a convenient scapegoat for people's fears and ignorance. . .  Absent bank accounts, immigrants [illegal aliens] hold a great deal of cash and therefore become victims . . . "(49)  Had enough yet?

People of Connecticut, is this someone you want as governor?  If so, then be prepared for a massive influx of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.  You already have the following distinction:  "New Haven apparently has the highest concentration of people from Tlaxcala, Mexico of anywhere in the world [does that include Mexico?]."(49)  Adding insult to injury is the fact that they are probably ALL illegal aliens.

For 'frosting on the illegal alien cake' . . . other policies being considered in New Haven under DeStafano's leadership are as follows:  "The police are weighing a policy that would specifically prevent their involvement in immigration matters [which is a violation of federal law].  A possible city identification card, which would be available to the undocumented [illegal aliens] is also under review."(49)

The creation of a New Haven as a 'sanctuary city' is a form of 'harboring' and is a violation of our immigration laws.  What the city is entertaining is ILLEGAL.  But, Police Chief Francisco Ortiz, wants "to make the city safe for everyone here."(49)  Safe but completely ILLEGAL as the Attorney General of New Jersey has announced.(50) Chief Ortiz goes on to say:  "They're a challenge because they're a population that we need to recognize."(51)  Why? They are criminals who should be in jail or deported.  They have broken multiple laws.  Do YOU get to break the law and remain free?

In case you are wondering where all the above wonderful ideas come from, you should know that:  "Funneling ideas to City Hall on the needs of immigrants, and specifically the undocumented [illegal aliens], is a network of [illegal alien] advocates with firsthand knowledge [yes, they mean those who are current or former illegal aliens] of their situations or legal backgrounds, with Yale Law School students tapped as a resource."(49)

Lastly Kica Matos, executive director of Junta for Progressive Action said:  "one local parish priest estimated that five illegal immigrants arrive in New Haven each day."  Lets see, five times 365 days of the year means that 1,825 illegal aliens will have entered New Haven this year.  However, as more come those numbers will escalate exponentially.  Ms. Matos goes on to say "The numbers are growing significantly and it's the pattern that immigrants usually have, you go to the place where you know somebody . . . "(49)  True, so very true!

3.  What Happens When a City like New Haven 'Harbors' Illegal Aliens?

Illegal Alien Invaders They make outrageous requests from the New Haven Board of Aldermen, like these:  "Unidad Latina en Accion [another offensive non-English name] presented 10 proposals for action.  In addition to the creation of a New Haven ID, [they want] an immigrant resource center, and bilingual operators at the police and fire departments . . . police training to eliminate racial profiling, and a policy of non-discrimination against immigrants [illegal aliens] opening bank accounts . . . [they also] called on the aldermen to support state and federal legislation that would guarantee a path to citizenship, family reunification, civil rights and equal rights on the job, the right to driver's licenses and higher education for children of immigrants [illegal aliens]."(52)

Oh, that's not too much to ask, considering that they are requests being made for illegal aliens, who have defied our immigration laws, many times over.  They want us to just give them the moon, that's all they want.  Audacious aren't they?  If you think that's bad, read on . . .

"Kica Matos, director of Junta for Progressive Action, who was a federal criminal defense attorney for more than a decade, urged the board to adopt an official position of NON-ENFORCEMENT of national immigration laws, a policy adopted by the city governments of Austin, Texas, and Denver [CO].  She also urged the establishment of a city office of immigrant [illegal alien] affairs along the lines of those set up in Los Angeles, Boston and Philadelphia."(52)(49)

What Ms. Matos asks for is ILLEGAL!  What she and others like her are calling for . . . is A-N-A-R-C-H-Y!

Not only does Ms. Matos promote anarchy, she wants illegal aliens to have the 'ear' of the mayor and city legislature.  How audacious is that?  Does that boggle you mind?  Does that make you angry?  What are you to do?  Join an anti-illegal alien group and fight back.  You can no longer sit back and do nothing!  They are trying to 'take over' while you remain immobile.  Do something!

Caveat Emptor:  Just in case you were wondering what the word 'Junta' in their name means . . . it is defined as:  "A group of military officers ruling a country after seizing power, or a council or small legislative body in a government, especially in Central or South America."  Since the group is NOT a 'legislative body,' what does that leave you with, to describe who they are and what they are up to?

"Police Sergeant Luis Casanova spoke of the department's work with Junta to make New Haven "a model city for tolerance for immigrant [illegal alien] rights."(52)

New Haven will be a model city all right . . . a model city of 'aiders and abettors' and 'harborers' of illegal aliens, all of which is in violation of the laws of our country.  And this . . . from those who are sworn to uphold the laws of the land.  They are to be the perpetrators of anarchy . . . a national travesty!  Insanity reigns.

Ortiz goes on to say:  "There's a perception that if you talk to police officers our first priority is going to ask them are you here legally and if they're not then we're going to deport them so there's a misconception that we're going to change."(51)

It appears that, like other Hispanics who are 'shills' for the Mexican illegal alien invasion, Chief Ortiz and Sergeant Casanova have joined others who have 'shown their true colors' like Baca, Chavez and Rivera discussed here: (11)(12)

4.  United States Flag 'Gutsy' Elise Marciano, of an Anti-Illegal Alien Group Speaks Out:  At a bi-lingual press conference in the New Haven City Hall, Mayor DeStefano said he "wants to give illegal immigrants a legitimate form of ID so they can open bank accounts, prove their identity to police and access social services."  He said:  "The failure of the federal government to recognize and embrace thousands and thousands or hard-working residents [illegal aliens], is subjecting those people [illegal aliens] and their families [illegal aliens] to abuse and exploitation."(53)

"The IDs would resemble a driver's license, with a photo, name, address, date of birth, height weight and eye color, [Chief] Ortiz said.  Immigrants [illegal aliens] who could prove they lived here -- by showing a utility bill or mail sent to them -- would be eligible for the card, he said."(53)  Oh, wow, those eligibility criteria are so awesome and difficult to obtain . . . even Osama bin Laden could qualify . . . from Afghanistan!

In rebuttal, the Danbury chapter president of the Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control (CCIC), Elise Marciano, objected to the idea of a New Haven ID by saying:  "Does anybody in New Haven understand that they [illegal aliens AND the mayor, aldermen, and police department] are breaking the immigration law? . . .  You are not supposed to aid and abet illegal aliens . . .  They have no documents.  They could give you any name.  They could go and get 15 different ID cards with different names.  How would you know?"(53)

Citizens of New Haven, wake up!  You have a mayor, chief and sergeant of police who are anarchists (i.e., persons who have a disregard for the law, who are involved in invoking lawlessness).  They are willfully and defiantly breaking the laws of America.  Rise up and take your city back from those self-serving Hispanic police and imbecilic mayor whose very words and impending actions are an insult to every law-abiding American citizen and legal immigrant.  Act now, before it is too late.  Create your own chapter and join the Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control.  Stand up for the 'rule of law,' before there is none left to defend!

Preserve Our Sovereignty Sign

5.  Danbury, CT, Mayor Boughton Speaks Up then 'Wimps' Out:  Mayor D. Mark Boughton talked tough about illegal immigration when he said in a letter to the states Attorney General:  "Danbury is facing urgent challenges with illegal immigration and the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] has inadequate resources for interior enforcement.  We understand that federal immigration authorities are focused on border protection and terrorism matters but we need help in Danbury.  We have found a method to employ state police in these matters in a unique federal, state and local partnership. . .  Section 133 agreement to deputize Connecticut State Police as federal immigration agents.  The 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act allows for this action." (54)

"In the past several decades, up to 15,000 undocumented residents [illegal aliens], mainly from Ecuador, Brazil and the Dominican Republic, have come here [illegally] and are putting a strain on local service, according to the mayor."(55)

Mayor Boughton then 'wimped out' by saying that "he simply raised immigration as a discussion topic.  The intent was to pressure federal lawmakers to fix the problem -- not pit neighbor against neighbor . . .  We don't want people having ill-will toward immigrants, illegal or otherwise,' Boughton said.  There should be a recognition that there is a problem.  It cannot be denied that there has been an impact, both negative and positive over the last 15 years or so."(56)

Six Weeks Later, Boughton 'Throws in the Towel!'  "The mayor has conceded that it is not likely that the state police will take on these additional duties, but he also feels his intentions have been misunderstood.  Boughton has said the police would not be sanctioned to conduct deportation sweeps, but would only deal with criminals."(55)

"Boughton said it is all a misunderstanding, that deputized troopers would help the city deal only with immigrants charged with serious felonies. . .  'They can't pull people over, they can't question somebody on the street.  They can't do sweeps,' the mayor said of the troopers."(57)  Gee, what CAN they do?

The questions that need to be asked of Mayor Boughton are:  Does he not understand that ALL illegal aliens are criminals who have broken several of our immigration laws, committing crimes that, by law, require imprisonment and fines and deportation?  Does he not understand that by restricting the police from doing their sworn duty to uphold the laws of our nation, he is 'aiding and abetting' and 'harboring' illegal aliens by the non-enforcement of their illegal presence?

Such actions by the mayor and the police makes them ALL felonious criminals, committing the crimes of conspiracy, harboring, aiding and abetting, in order to just 'deal with criminals' and not the illegal aliens who are ALSO criminals.  Wake up Mayor Boughton, all illegal aliens are criminals!  Why do "We the People" have to wait for them to commit ANOTHER crime before the police do their sworn duty to protect us?

To explain the mayor's 'about face' the following propaganda, issued by the supporters and promoters of illegal aliens, tells us why!  Pro-illegal aliens groups said:  "Boughton's request tapped into some latent bigotry and sent fear into the [illegal alien] immigrant community that they would be targeted for deportation."(55)

Oh, isn't that a 'novel idea' . . . deporting illegal aliens, simply because they came here illegally, because they live here illegally, because they work here illegally and probably drive here illegally.  As for the 'bigotry' statement . . . anyone who wants our borders secured and our immigration laws respected and enforced, is a bigot!  Do those racists know that according to Webster's the definition of a 'bigot' is "a person who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, or opinion, etc., A narrow-minded, prejudiced person."  Where a 'prejudiced person' is "one who makes judgments or has opinions, held in disregard of the facts that contradict it!"  Perhaps the pro-illegals should check out the dictionary, before hurling such erroneous epitaphs!  Especially since THEY are the true bigots!!!

Other racist propaganda by the pro-illegal alien coalition groups:  "There has always been an anti-immigrant sentiment in Danbury, said Sikora, now a professor of social sciences at the [Western Connecticut State] university.  'Indeed the British burned Danbury during the Revolutionary War.  There was strong anti-British sentiments, Sikora said."  Oh, really?  Does 'professor' Sikora have any idea what the Revolutionary War was about??  This is someone teaching our children?(56)

"Maria-Cinta Lowe, executive director of the Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury . . . said anti-immigrant [illegal alien] sentiment has long festered under the surface in Danbury, but Boughton allowed it to bubble up."(56)

More Pro-Illegal Alien 'Hate Speech'. . .  As the Danbury story continues below these pictures, keep in mind that the following signs represent what the pro-illegal crowd has to say about those Americans whom they call 'anti-immigrant,' filled with 'latent bigotry!'

White Racists Signs

All Europeans are Illegal Sign

For a peek into the minds of another hate filled, racist, pro-illegal alien you might want to read the following article by this author:  Racist Pro-Illegal Alien 'Hatemail' Gets a Rebuttal.(58)

You did of course notice above that they are not just interested in taking over the southwest, they want the entire continent.  If they think we are going anywhere they must be delusional because "We the People" are already 'home' and intend to defend to the death our right to stay at home in our native land.  Oh, and by the way, we are not a nation of immigrants.  We are a nation of native Americans, not to be confused with American Indians as discussed here:  (59)

Actually, Boughton brought into the open a long festering problem that "We the People" have lived with and despised for a long time, the fact that our laws against illegal immigration are not being enforced, that illegal aliens can break the law with impunity, many times over, and go unpunished.  At the same time, "We the People" who obey the laws, continue to remain ignored and are subjected to confrontational attacks, by illegal aliens and their supporters because we demand that our sovereignty and laws be respected and enforced.  Outrageous!

We have stood silently by, while illegal aliens have balkanized our cities and towns, diminished our way of life, reduced our quality of life, and adulterated our laws, heritage, culture and national language.  "We the People" have stood silently by, appalled by the fact that our government has deliberately allowed the Hispanic 'human tsunami' to overrun our country, impair and debase our hospitals, schools and jails, all the while using our taxpayer dollars to support the degradation of our American society.  Insanity reigns!

6.  Latino lawmakers in Chicago area want "more attention and money for Hispanics, arguing that public policy has not kept up with the booming [illegal alien] population."  They got support for their demands from "suburban mayors -- including the leaders of Berwyn, Stony Park and Palatine -- who endorsed a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] to get driver's licenses . . .  'It's a matter of dignity [for whom, illegal aliens?],' Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins said."(60)  Oh . . . just ignore the fact that they would be 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens in order to do that.

They also "kept the heat on the [Governor] Blagojevich administration, which they say has been slow to increase the ranks of Latinos as both department heads and rank-and-file workers in government . . .  This 3 percent is a disrespect to the Latino community,' said state Sen. Iris Martinez (D-Chicago)."(60)  Just roll over and give us what we demand, never mind that our numbers are highly inflated by the illegal aliens among us.  And, you must give us jobs just because we are Hispanics.  Making their outrageous demands while repeatedly defying and 'disrespecting' our laws and sovereignty.  Had enough yet, people of Chicago?

7.  Longmont City Council, CO, approve hiring a full-time immigrant integration coordinator.

Immigrant Intergration Coordinator
Photo by Kevin Moloney (61)

The coordinator's "salary would be paid by a grant from a private foundation . . . [to] help the country's immigrants, who are mostly [illegal aliens] from Mexico, mesh more fully into society."  Ms. Karen Roney, Longmont's director of community services acknowledged that "some members of the county steering committee overseeing the project suggested in the planning meetings that hiring an illegal immigrant to fill the job would be a good idea.  Who better, they said, to know the problems and issues?"(61)

Longmont's mayor, Julia Pirnack, said "that the coordinator would not, however, distinguish between whether an immigrant was here legally or not.  The fact is, people are here, they exist in the community, and ignoring them, I think, would be a worse mistake."(61)

Oh . . . 'they're here,' so that makes it okay to 'aid and abet' them even further.  'Being here' means that we just look the other way and do nothing to enforce our immigration laws.  If the laws were enforced there would be NO NEED to hire an 'immigrant integration coordinator.'  Those monies could then be used to help some NEEDY AMERICANS!

8.  New York City's Mayor Bloomberg 'aids and abets' illegals by signing a bill that "prevents the Department of Consumer Affairs from asking vendor applicants about their immigration status."(62)

Creation of Day Labor Centers To Get Studied:  In New York City (NYC) there "are as many as 25,000 formal and informal day laborers at 57 hiring sites in this city.  A recent survey found three-quarters of day laborers earn less than $10 an hour without benefits.  Eighty-five percent reported experiencing abuse.  Half said they were paid lower that the agreed upon salary or not paid at all."(63)  Why is that?  Because, as noted above, most of those 'day laborers' are illegal aliens and the employers who hire them are violating our immigration laws, and so, being dishonest, they also cheat their illegal alien laborers.

That's just a small vignette of how the cancer of lawlessness spreads and metastasizes.  All with the blessings of the mayor's office and the NYC Council Committee on Immigration, who is considering "forming a commission to study the creation of job centers for day laborers [even though they are nearly all illegal aliens]."(63)

"The City Council passed a bill to establish a commission to look into how more job centers could be developed across the city . . .  At least 12 [of the 20 members] will be immigrant [illegal alien] day laborers or representative of groups with experience working on issues affecting immigrant day laborers."  See it gets even better; not only is NYC 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens, it is now having illegal aliens sit on a commission that will make recommendations about illegal alien day labor centers for the city.  How insane is that?(64)

Day Laborer "No Hassle Zone"

Mayor Bloomberg said during the bill-signing ceremony in the Blue Room of City Hall:  "The temporary and informal nature of day-labor work diminishes an employer's responsibilities [how's that?] to their employees and allows for unregulated pay that is often below market value [which is a federal and state violation]."  Basically . . . that's gobbledygook for:  We are now going provide protection for illegal alien workers who can be hired at 'New York's finest' illegal alien day labor centers.(65)

9.  Herndon, VA Gets Into Hot Water Over Day Labor Sites:  It seems that neither NYC mayor Bloomberg nor Herndon, Virginia's mayor O'Reilly, 'get it!'  What they are doing by providing day labor centers for illegal aliens is illegal if it does not screen workers for their eligibility to work in the United States.  Although the Herndon mayor was warned about facing a possible law suit for such action, the mayor and the majority of the city council voted to institute a day labor center on town property and to finance it with taxpayer dollars.  One brave town council member, Ann Null, stood her ground and said what they proposed was illegal.  But they arrogantly went ahead and voted for one anyway.

Day Laborers in Herndon, VA (66)

How to stop such a flagrant 'aiding and abetting' and 'harboring?  Unfortunately it will take . . . a lawsuit filed by the law firm Judicial Watch, in Washington, DC, against Herndon's mayor, the Town Council, and the Board of Supervisors of both Fairfax and Loudon Counties, because the property falls in both counties and some of the money will come from the county's taxpayers.  The property itself was paid for with taxpayer dollars.(67)

According to Judicial Watch:  "Public officials cannot commit taxpayer's funds and public resources in furtherance of a crime - no matter how well-intentioned," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  "Any attempt by Herndon or Fairfax officials to aid and abet criminal conduct with taxpayer money will be met with swift, strong legal action on the part of Judicial Watch and our clients," . . . (68)

Thomas Saenz, vice-president of [MALDEF] the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, "acknowledged that a significant portion of the day-labor community consists of undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens].  But the attorney contends the issue is a smokescreen.  'This is just political grandstanding by people who have a broader, anti-immigration agenda,' he said.  'They target day workers because they are highly visible'."(69)

What MALDEF wants to achieve by calling "We the People" 'anti-immigrant' is to stop us from objecting to our government's 'aiding and abetting' of illegal aliens and having our tax dollars spent to 'harbor' them in a day labor center!

Home Depot Protest
To understand the arrogance and audacity of Mayor O'Reilly . . . his own Town Planning Board voted "no" after hearings where "more than 200 speakers, 80 percent were against the day-laborer center.  The opponents submitted notarized petitions containing signatures of more than 400 families against the proposal."  And yet, he and the Herndon Town Council's majority voted for it, even in the face of the threat of a lawsuit!  How arrogant can you get?(70)

An opinion column in the Washington Examiner pretty much sums it up:  "As many as 60 local governments throughout the nation flaunt the law by funding shelters that make the process [of hiring illegal aliens] easier.  Arlington [VA] built a pavilion and spends $160,000 annually to keep day laborers in Shirlington from "swarming" - mobbing prospective employers on street corners.  Fairfax County is planning to spend some $400,000 to do the same, in effect institutionalizing illegal activity."(71)

Day Laborers Bidding at Van

Pro-Illegal Alien Towns Condemn the Minutemen:

Showing "We the People" where their allegiance lies, the following American(??) counties issued resolutions opposing the Minutemen Project (MMP):

1.  Brooks County Texas "Judge Joe Garcia and four commissioners approved the resolution which states, 'The controversial group is a threat to public order and the safety of Brooks County residents'."(72)  The resolution reveals such ignorance when by now, everyone knows that the MMP is simply a 'neighborhood watch.'  Implications are therefore, that Falfurrias, Texas must be a 'neighborhood' of Brooks County which is overrun by illegal aliens or the MMP wouldn't be there.  You did note that the 'leader of the pack' was an Hispanic?  Could it be racism that motivated the 'resolution?'  Don't you wonder what the surnames of the other four commissioners are?

2.  "The Commissioners Court in Cameron County, along the Texas-Mexico Border at Brownsville, adopted a resolution last week denouncing the Minutemen's planned presence on the border.  'The safe and legal passage of immigrants [illegal aliens] and foreign visitors to Cameron Country is important to the civic life of our country,' the resolution reads.  The future growth of Cameron Country depends on the continued good will of our brothers in Mexico."(73)

Ana Yanez Correa, a minority rights advocate said that "she fears that the [MMP] organization is motivated largely by racial prejudice. . .  These are going to be people with guns stopping and detaining people they think are illegal aliens."(73)

Of course, the first clue that she is a racist, even before hearing her comments, is the fact the she is a 'minority rights advocate.'  Those are 'code words' for promoters of illegal aliens 'rights!'  "We the People" laugh when we hear such comments as hers, knowing that the MMP is the antithesis of her race-baiting description.

3.  Austin, Texas -- Unanimously Passes Anti-Minuteman Resolution!

Minuteman Patrol "The resolution cites concern over untrained civilians taking immigration law into their own hands, activities which MAY encourage discrimination and racial profiling [more code words]."(74)  They, of course, use the word MAY, since there are no examples or proof of that ever happening.  It's just their way of creating a 'boogeyman' to cover-up their hate for anyone who is working to stop the overwhelming illegal alien invasion.

They appear not to know that many of Minutemen are former police and military.  The have also mischaracterized the Minutemen, who do not enforce any laws, they only observe and report to authorities all those illegal alien lawbreakers, as they pour over the borders, total antithesis of their accusations!  The only 'profiling' occurring is identifying who moves from the Mexican side to the American side of the border.  How is that considered 'profiling' except that nearly all of them will turn out to Hispanics, most of whom are Mexicans?

"The resolution directs the City Manager to report any vigilante [another 'code word'] activities to the City Council."(74)  What are they going to 'report' . . . people exercising their constitutionally guaranteed civil rights?  What sinister motives do they have behind requiring the City Manager to 'report' on decent, law-abiding citizens . . . or is the resolution simply a form of intimidation?

In case you are wondering:  "The resolution was an initiative of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and the Coalition for Justice and Dignity in Austin [more code words], a diverse coalition of immigrant and advocacy organizations [still more code words].  Fifty-eight allied civic, faith and labor organizations were signatories to this effort."(74)  Did you notice the 'raft' of 'code words' . . . all in one sentence, too!

Sadly, the 'Quakers' have gone amuck, ever since the 1960s, and are no longer 'Friends' of 'We the People."  They are anti-American, pro-socialist, pro-Communists, who have diligently supported the Vietnamese Communists, Pol Pot, and Fidel Castro, while working assiduously to get America to unilaterally disarm.(75)(76)(77)

Yvonne Montejano of the AFSC said:  "We are pleased that Council recognized the dangers of vigilante groups posturing as nothing more than neighborhood watch groups, and took proactive action to diffuse any potentially violent situation."

What an outrageous, unwarranted, vicious attack on the Minutemen.  Especially since ALL the violence has been launched against the Minutemen by those who object to the them doing the job our own government refuses to do.  By example, many times over, the Minutemen have refuted all the lies and slander made against them!

Minutemen Are The Illegals Sign Yvonne goes on to say:  "The Minuteman Project [MMP] and other vigilante groups say they are protecting this country's borders.  Human rights organizations [more code words] point out that vigilante groups frequently use fear, intimidation and violent tactics in their efforts to "secure" borders."(74)

You did notice that they used another devious pro-illegal alien tactic by ascribing some amorphous connection that doesn't exist by using the term 'groups frequently use' in order to slander the MMP while spewing their 'hate speech.'  They have to do that because they have NOTHING else to smear them with, other than there own lies and innuendos!  Those tactics show them in full, operational 'battle mode' . . . which means they will say and do anything to deny the 'civil rights' of others.  That's their standard modus operandi.

In the end, the Austin city council has proven themselves to be nothing but 'pawns' in the hands of the Communist infiltrated pro-illegal alien lobby.  They 'defame' themselves.  They have joined hands with those who have only their hate for America and its sovereignty to propel them to such depths of moral depravity.  Wake up Austinians and take back your city!

A Collection of 'Aiding and Abetting' Vignettes:

The following are short stories that reveal the many forms and varieties of 'aiding and abetting' that goes on across the country, around the clock, 24/7.  Read them and weep for America:

1.  Arizona thwarted in enforcing 'newly minted' human smuggler laws.  Who is interfering with Arizona's attempt to stop 'migrant [illegal alien] smuggling?  The federal government, that's who!  "Prosecutors in Arizona could not file charges in two other cases because their witnesses, who would usually be needed to corroborate smuggling allegations, were sent back across the border by federal authorities before local investigations were completed."(78)

"If all the witnesses get deported and the defendant doesn't say anything, we don't have a case, said Roger Nelson, chief criminal deputy for the Yuma County attorney's office."  The "federal authorities couldn't hold immigrant [illegal alien] witnesses because they weren't charged with federal crimes, said Michael Gramley, spokesman for the U.S. Border Patrol's Yuma sector."(78)  Doesn't that make you want to scream in frustration?

Isn't human smuggling a federal crime?  If so then why don't the feds prosecute the smuggler and have those illegal alien witnesses that were being smuggled, receive the same federal sanctuary as those two illegal aliens that got Mr. Nethercott's ranch?  Also, as for not holding those illegal aliens that were smuggled into the country, didn't they ALSO break federal laws?  If so, why can't they be locked up as criminals while the case is investigated and charges are filed against the 'coyote?'  Something stinks to the high-heavens here!

2.  State of Illinois 'Aids and Abets' the 'Harboring of Illegal Aliens.  "Even as critics seek to overturn a similar program in Wisconsin . . . Illinois is poised to become the second state in the country to help undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] buy homes."  Bank officials, with a green light from Illinois housing officials, will allow customers to use ITINs instead of Social Security Numbers (SSNs) to apply for home mortgages.  The state program "which will finance 30-year mortgages with below-market interest rates, will give immigrants [illegal aliens] alternatives to predatory lenders."(79)

"Criticism of mortgages for undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] has been so fierce in some quarters that many banks have kept their distance.  Industry experts, however, said they believe that the financial opportunities [GREED] soon may outweigh fears."  While Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are saying:  "Their official stance is that they will cover loans only for U.S. citizens and legal residents."(79)

Chicago-based Second Federal Savings "already has sold about $90 million worth of ITIN mortgages. . .  'In our banking community, we really don't see that much of a difference between documented and undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] because they've been here for so long,' said [Mark] Doyle [president of Second Federal Savings], adding that the states's [sic] involvement will make it an even better bet for banks."(79)  Statements about illegal aliens don't get more 'moronic' than that one!

Cast your vote AGAINST Second Federal Savings 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens . . . withdraw your money and put it in a bank that is not greedily pursuing illegal aliens to give them home loans "at below-market interest rates."  Isn't that double jeopardy, 'aiding and abetting illegals AND getting them those low rates?  Are you mad enough to take punitive action?

Perhaps a lawsuit would change Mr. Doyle's attitude and position on the matter.  Such lawsuits have already been brought against companies who are hooked on the buying power of some 20-23 million illegal aliens:  "In the past several years, big U.S. consumer companies -- banks, insurers, mortgage lenders, credit-card outfits, phone carriers, and others -- have decided that a market of 11 million or so [actually 20-23 million or so] potential customers is simply too big to ignore.  It may be against the law for the Venezuelans to be in the U.S. or for an employer to hire them, but there's nothing illegal about selling to them."(80)

In fact, it IS illegal to sell to them.  Of note:  "Bank officials [of New South Federal Savings Bank, in Birmingham, Alabama] were even more troubled by a letter from a Washington group called Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement (FILE), which opposes illegal immigration.  It threatened to sue the bank under a federal law that prohibits the harboring of illegal aliens and racketeering [RICO statutes].  By providing mortgage loans that help illegals buy houses, says FILE Executive Director Craig Nelsen, New South is aiding their ability to remain illegally.  In June, the bank delayed a broad rollout of Casa Mia [even they use Spanish instead of English] pending a legal opinion on potential liability."(80)

Financial support for the Washington Legal Foundation (WLF) or Judicial Watch, or Mountain States Legal Fund is another way to 'strike back' at Second Federal Savings as well as New South Federal Savings!

3.  "Prepaid phone plan targets Hispanics:  A New Jersey telecommunications company [IDT] today is scheduled to debut a prepaid wireless service tailored to U.S. Hispanics [including illegal aliens]. . .  TuYo -- which means 'yours' in Spanish -- will offer bilingual customer service in addition to music, ring tones and graphics specific to each Latin American region. . .  We basically allowed Hispanics to call internationally at rates the Americans are used to calling long distance within the country. . .  Unlike many 'pay-as-you-go' wireless services, TuYo does not require users to sign a contract or undergo a credit check."(81)

How to fight back . . . if you have IDT, cancel your service and let them know you left them because they pander to illegal aliens, and you are "mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore!"

4.  Buried in an Ag funding bill, was a provision that allows religious groups to harbor and transport illegals who are church volunteers or missionaries.  Tom Tancredo is outraged at the inclusion of such an exemption.  He wants it repealed in order to "send a clear message to terrorists plotting against our country:  no church, no synagogue, no mosque, no religious groups of any kind will be a safe haven for terrorism."  Insanity reigns!(82)

Tom Tancredo (82)

5.  FAA Restricts Use of Drones by the Border Patrol:  "The drones, called 'Predator B,' have the capacity to fly 30 consecutive hours without refueling.  The UAWs are equipped with electro-optic sensors, radar and infrared cameras and can immediately and automatically transfer images to ground controls."  BUT . . . it took "more than two years of negotiations, the Homeland Security Department's U.S. Customs and Border Protections [CBP] Directorate recently finalized a deal with the FAA to fly one drone in the Tucson, Ariz., area. . .  We have to talk and ask for permission, but FAA is very strict . . .  We're looking at what we can do to get exemptions' from FAA regulations or maximize the requirement set by FAA for UAVs."(83)

Incredible bureaucratic bumbling?  Or was it deliberate?  Why should it take more than two years to get an agreement?  Who's dragging their feet?  What technicalities could possibly require taking two years or more to hammer out in an agreement?  Just lock the 'players' in a room and tell them they won't get fed or sleep, until they reach an agreement.  Such shenanigans imply that they were two federal agencies having some sort of 'turf battle' . . . while Rome was burning, these fools 'fiddle!'  It is just another example of how the government is deliberately delaying enforcement so that our borders can continue to remain sieves and millions more can enter with impunity!

"CBP also issued an environmental impact study in September [2005] that helps clear the way for an expansion of UAV operations from the western corner of Arizona to the eastern corner of Texas, but the agency still needs to work out a deal with the FAA to fly the drones outside restricted military airspace.  Because of the restriction, CBP officials have been forced to deploy a fleet of Blackhawk helicopters to patrol the rest of the southern border."(83)  Incredible, isn't it?  Rather like the 'wall' between the various intelligence gathering agencies before 9/11.

Militarily speaking what is more important than securing our borders, so why does there need to be ANY discussion?  And . . . what 'environmental impact' does an airplane have?  Tell us, we want to know.  You can bet money that it is simply another delaying tactic, not to mention the cost of doing the 'study!'

6.  FAA and CBP 'mute' about Hispanic border pilots who 'aid and abet' illegal aliens:  The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency had to struggle for two years to get permission to fly Predator Drones in a very limited area in Arizona, but the "Paisanos [you thought that was Italian, didn't you?] Al Rescate, or Countrymen [Mexicans or Hispanics] to the Rescue [of illegal aliens], a group of pilots and volunteers backed by local businesses . . . dropped 80 to 100 bottles [of water] from June to September [2004] and attracted about 20 volunteers among college students, retired pilots and other groups."(84)

"I think people realized that (the undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens]) are not crossing because we throw them water [by parachute], said the group's founder Armando Alarcon [who's he kidding?], a sales manager at Swift, a large trucking company . . .  The Paisanos pilots said they would call the Border Patrol only if the migrants [illegal aliens] signaled they needed help.  They haven't so far . . .  The water bottles are donated by Grupo Zaragoza, the large Juarez dairy [that's in Mexico folks]."(84)

Luis Rivas, a San Francisco engineer who volunteers with Paisanos "designed messages to be silk-screened onto the new parachutes, such as the phone numbers of Mexican consulates, the distances between towns -- 'Deming is not a two-hour walk from Paloma, like they're told'."(84)

As in the movie 'Field of Dreams' . . . 'if you build it they will come' . . .OR . . . if you know someone will drop you a bottle of water, directions on where to go to get help, and a map . . . they will come!

Paisanos' Pilot (85)

"When Paisanos al Rescate ran out of fuel money the second week of July [2005], they had no choice but to park the Cessna in its hangar. . .  That's when they got unexpected financial help from a Mexican businessmen who bought 2,000 gallons of airplane fuel.  Then the monetary donations started pouring in from all around the United States."  Including donations from fans of Bruce Springsteen who "praised the group's work at his concert in Bridgeport, Conn., in July [2005]."  They also received a $25,000 donation from an anonymous donor with ties to El Paso who "heard of Alarcon thanks to an article in the New York Times [one of many 'boo-hoo' illegal alien stories the NY Times' often puts out] and that the donor was an [illegal?] immigrant himself."(85)

Unfortunately many Americans are part of the 'fifth column' that is facilitating Mexico's de facto war.  They are 'aiding and abetting' the migrant army sent to reconquista our land by colonization.  The tidal wave of 'migrants' arriving like a human tsunami, will continue to grow well beyond the 20-23 million already here, because our laws against 'aiding or abetting' them are NEVER ENFORCED!

Just think about it . . . if you knew that speeding laws in a certain state were never enforced, then what do you think everyone who drives in that state would do -- speed, of course!  It's elementary, my dear Watson!  Arrogantly the treasonous 'aiding and abetting' by our government and its leaders will continue unabated unless and until "We the People" stand up and stop them.  Learn who, what, when, where and how those traitors are operating in the remaining eight parts of "Insanity Reigns."  This series will reveal "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!"

Speaking of truth -- Ronald Reagan once said:  The simple truth is that we've lost control of our own borders, and no Nation can do that and surviveWe ignore America's lost sovereignty at our own peril.

"We the People" need to send a similar message to our political 'leaders,' many of whom are part of Mexico's 'fifth column.'  Especially those members of the Senate assisting the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), with their despicable One World Order (OWO) plans to eliminate our borders and our sovereignty.

Frosty Wooldridge has recently issued a very appropriate warning to those in charge of running our country:  "When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation--it is a recipe for the downfall of any civilization."  He believes that illegal immigration is:  "No different than Pearl Harbor or WTC 9/11, immigration steals into America with destructive power unprecedented in our nation’s history.  This certain invasion goes beyond December 7, 1941 and 9/11.  It invades every state, every city and every community.  We cannot afford to stand with you if you refuse to stand with us.  It’s a matter of law and order or lawlessness and anarchy."(86)

"We cherish our English language, our freedom we fought for, our culture and most of all, we cherish our civilization."(86)

"Members of Congress, you have 11 months until the November elections of 2006 to raise your ethics, integrity and personal behavior--and to demonstrate your allegiance to our Constitution.  You have 11 months to rise to the stature of a statesman that one would expect in America.  Otherwise, Americans demand you step down."(86)

Our elected representatives must heed and emulate with conviction, the Tom Tancredo, credo:  "When I took the oath of office, it wasn't to my party or the President. It was to the Constitution."

Lastly, John F. Kennedy made a statement that is more relevant today then it ever was:  Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.

As for this author, Harry Truman said it best:  "I never give them hell.  I just tell the truth and they think it's hell."

"First in Our Thoughts * Forever in Our Hearts * We Must Not Forget * The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance"

To be continued . . .


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