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Creating a North American Union for the One World Order

By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.
June 16, 2006

The following will expose the United States Government's plot to sell out America by surreptitiously forming a North American Union.  They are circumventing the US Congress and We The People, in violation of our Constitution.  They are committing TREASON.  If you keep believing that the illegal alien invasion is the problem you will never understand that the REAL problem is something called the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America", the SPP for short.  As bad as the illegal alien situation is . . . you will learn that this nation is in dire peril far exceeding the illegal alien problem.

Educate yourself.  Follow the links.  Read what your own government has posted on government sites such as the White House and  You will be aghast at the nearly complete destruction of our sovereignty, Bill of Rights, Constitution and laws of the Republic that has been engineered by President Bush and many, many members of the 'Shadow Government' who are dismantling this country in plain sight while America sleeps.

To BEGIN to understand what is REALLY going on, read the Illegal Alien Anarchy . . . Connecting the Dots! article by this author, found here.  Make sure you follow the suggested links in the article to educate yourself further!!

Why Our Border is STILL Wide Open . . .

You need to understand that the illegal alien invasion is simply a diversion to keep our focus off the implementation of the imminently pending North American Union, the first step to One World Order (OWO).  The illegal alien invasion is a tool being used to segue America into the North American Union.  Just think about the DEFIANT Senate amnesty bill S. 2611 which insanely includes all manner of benfits, rights, privleges, 'a path to citizenship', major increases in job stealing high tech visas AND a doubling of quotas for LEGAL immigration which is already over a million per year.

Why would the Senate do such and insane thing in TOTAL and COMPLETE opposition to 'We the People'?   As William Buchanan called it . . . "an 'open borders manifesto,' a nation killer."  The answer is as plain as the nose on your face . . . many in the Senate are facilitating the coming North American Union and are facists who embrace the concept of a world run by a wealthy elite few who will invoke the tenants of the Communist Manifesto once in total control.

Here's the plan:  Once the civil unrest and chaos caused by the overwhelming 'human tsunami' of illegal aliens reduces America to complete anarchy, a state of total lawlessness, or the bird flu pandemic arrives, or another 'Katrina' occurs . . . the federal government will institute martial law and then the one world 'Shadow Government' will step forward and take over.  The illegal alien problem is simply the MECHANISM for leveraging what is yet to come.

The dogma propagandized by the UN and embraced by America's global elites in their quest for 'global governance' is a world without borders, a single currency, one standing army and a single un-elected governmental body that runs the world, using one set of laws.  Their laws, not America's laws.  They intend to obliterate our sovereignty, our Constitution, our Bill or Rights, our Republic, our legal system, and most important of all -- our freedoms.

The push for One World Order (OWO) has been ongoing for more than a century.  Some recent examples:  GATT, NAFTA + CAFTA = SHAFTA, the recent Kelo eminent domain ruling, the recently revised pernicious bankruptcy laws meant to crush the middle class, and lastly, the systematical removing of God everywhere and everyplace.  Coming up next -- FTAA, the Free Trade Area of the Americas -- the final 'nail in America's Constitutional coffin.'

Besides the United Nations, American organizations that are assisting in the destruction of our Republic include the Trilateral Commission (TC), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberg (B) group, non-profit foundations, the Chamber of Commerce, unions, and others that are harboring the 'Shadow Government' exposed in the this author's Illegal Alien Anarachy . . . Connecting the Dots! article which can be found here.

Ignore what I have listed below at your own peril.  The One World Order (OWO) elites are robbing you blind.  Because the media is completely controlled as researched here, you will continue to have NO CLUE that they are murdering this country right in front of you.  GET EDUCATED!!  The Senate's vote on the amnesty bill has told you all to go to hell BECAUSE THE 'SHADOW GOV'T' IS NIGH AND THUS THE COMPLICIT CABAL HAS NO FEAR!

HERE'S HOW THEY ARE DOING IT . . .  Through the SPPNA aka the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of NORTH America -- i.e., Canada, the U.S. and Mexico).  See how your government IS ALREADY erasing your sovereignty, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our US Laws, and our Republic.  Called SPP for short . . . Go here and READ EVERY PAGE . . .

Quote from the above (.gov) website:  "The North American Competitiveness Council.  INCREASING PRIVATE SECTOR ENGAGEMENT in the SPP by adding high-level BUSINESS INPUT will ASSIST GOVERNMENTS in enhancing North America's competitive position and ENGAGE THE PRIVATE SECTOR AS PARTNERS IN FINDING SOLUTIONS."  In this picture you are seeing the REAL government of America!

The American global elites are SCAMs (socialists, communists, anarchists,and Marxists) who are creating a FASCIST One World Order.  Fascism was defined by Mussolini as the COMBINING OF COMMUNISM and CAPITALISM.  We ARE ALREADY THERE!  Think not?  Then go here and read the list of the forty-five goals from in the Communist Manifesto that was printed in the US Congressional Record in 1963.

The elites have collectively . . . piece-by-piece made bi-lateral and tri-lateral agreements that have essentially eliminated our sovereignty without our consent.  What they are putting into place has NO congressional approval or oversight, let alone approval from 'We the People.'  They are doing it through the State Department which is headed by Rice (CFR) and filled with CFR members.  Also involved are Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense (Trilateral Commission and former CFR member).  Chao (CFR) Secretary of Labor, Paulson, (CFR) the new Secretary of Treasury (former Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs), and the new CIA chief Hayden (CFR).  The 'Shadow Government' is an EYELASH away from taking over!

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